The monero-gui will be packaged for Debian

The partnership between Purism and the Monero project is a bit intransparent, but if you’re interested in Monero on the Librem 5 it’s good to know to have a working package in the Debian repository first.

Quote from the issue on github

I began packaging the GUI for Debian. Will definitely take some more work to get the fine-tuning of everything in order… but the repository at is a start. It does build from source cleanly with dpkg-buildpackage. (You will need to run that command as root to package – do so from within a chroot, or a secure environment)

All of the relevant files are contained in the debian directory. While it is still a WIP, it builds a functioning .deb package for release v0.13.0.4.

Anyone can feel free to contribute via PR or just appropriate what is there for your own use, as you see fit. Just trying to get the ball rolling on this, so copy-and-pasting to a different repo, or whatever anybody may want to do, is completely okay by me.

After this, it’s not that far from being possible to make it available to PureOS, I wonder if the gui will be adaptable to the small screen size in the future, but it’s definitely a start.