Today is April 30th. Dogwood expedition begins tomorrow

Shipping Dogwood
Sorry but I’m dying to have it. A long time has passed since October 2017 and you are a wonderful company made up of people who do something wonderful for digital freedom and I can only thank you for this.
But I’m shivering to get news about the hardware news expected for Dogwwood, what I look like :slight_smile:


Dogwood should have been shipping since Jan 7th, and “there are no expected delays in delivery.” If they really wanted to ship Dogwood from Jan 7th onwards, they would have had to get the parts from China before this date, so long before the Coronavirus lockdown in China. So the Coronavirus delays are just another excuse for just another self-inflicted delay.

And they seem to delay once again the delayed Coronavirus shipping date, since end of April is over within a few hours.

Hope they will ship eventually: Announced shipping dates - probably missed some:
Jan 2019
April 2019
Q3 2019
September 2019
Now they were talking of batches, and the first batch did not ship at all
Dogwood Jan-March 2020
Dogwood April 2020
Dogwood …

I am a backer and still wish them the best, but it gets crazy. They should collaborate more with the community, but we need their phones to do so.


You are confusing the start of the shipping window with the actual shipping date.

Mr Weaver said once - not long ago - how many phones they will ship in Q1 2020. So all these had to be in the Dogwood batch. If they really wanted to get this number out in Q1, they would have had to start in January 2020.

And what do you say with the shipping window “end of April 2020” or “January 2019” or …
Did I confuse “the shipping window with the actual shipping date” there as well?

The latest Dogwood news as far as I know was this, on April 9th:


This is an important point, I think, and there is a difference here compared to most other products because of the fact that all the source code will be available so that people can not only complain but they can actually fix things themselves.

If I had the phone I would debug it and would aim to contribute not only error reports but bug fixes too. Having the phone and wanting it to work is a pretty strong incentive, at least for me, I would most likely put a lot of effort into it. Now instead I’m just sitting here being more and more impatient.

Maybe the issue is the Purism does not understand how good I am at programming… hey, just send me the phone and I’ll show you! :wink:


You can contribute code without having the phone yet if you want to help speed up getting it!


today is May 2nd

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open up the terminal on any GNU/Linux distribution and write date

today is May 3

today is May 4

Today is May 5. Purism but … shipping news? :slight_smile:

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today is May 6

For what it’s worth, we all are accessing this website from devices that have calendars… I don’t think daily bumps with just the date is very useful.

It has been established in the past that Purism will update us when they’re ready. It has also been shown that Q# does not always equate to what most of us associate with that calendar date range and they’ve never acknowledged if this is based on the calendar year, their fiscal year, or some other calendar…

Yes it’s frustrating, yes the majority of us expected some sort of announcement by now, an expectation Purism set themselves but their expectation management isn’t always the greatest. It’s also true that the majority of recipients are very private people and don’t post online nor on these forums about receiving devices.

So it is possible devices have been sent and received and there’s just a lack of communication, which is an issue that’s been raised in the past, counting off time to someone who’s not met your timeline isn’t going to help either party.


they say that stress is also a choice … :slight_smile:

“End of April” is not a Q# thing. Or do you think that they have other months (or even years) at purism?

Yeah, like winning the lottery or purism shipping 50,000 librem5 in Q1 2020


:slight_smile: entirely possible … they aren’t human like the rest of us …


Ok, so this time it was a month commitment not a quarter commitment, the point is about making posts only stating the current date not being useful.

As for what I think, I think Purism overcommits on a regular basis has been called out for it and still makes the choice to overcommit.

As far as the quarter reference; I was merely pointing out that they have been asked if maybe they’re operating on another calendar, giving them an out at that time, and chosen not to respond even when given that out.

I take this as a reflection of the leadership not a reflection of the individual employees who choose to interact on the forum as I’ve found each of them to be quite helpful to the extent that they can be.

Constructive criticism has value, stating the current date does not.


i often wonder how the official support people from Purism combat RSI from typing so much or do they provide official voice support as well (i.e by phone)?

Today is 7 May.

Instead, this is exactly what annoys me. I agree with you on almost everything but, just because with the announcement of April 9 indicated above the company communicates that they are about to publish news on hardware etc. , I expect that they will.
I bought the phone during the crowfunding campaign, I have been an open source supporter since 1995, the company has taken on a great task and those who work there do a wonderful job: but if on April 9 you tell me that you are going to publish news I wait you publish them even if you tell me that I will have to wait another 2 months. No problem, but say it.