Today is April 30th. Dogwood expedition begins tomorrow


Just look at the FAQ. They update it from time to time, so it’s worth it to check it regularly:

Can I get a refund on my phone pre-order?

Per our policy, we can not provide refund for orders that are in the pre-order status.

Now that we have placed the “Evergreen” batch order, your funds are locked into that order. We can’t refund those funds until the phone goes from “pre-order” to “shipping now” status. Once the phone (final, mass production build batch) pre-orders start shipping and we reach your order in the queue, we will refund the full amount you paid, unless you change your mind.


But what is the reason for such a policy? I understand that it is more expensive for Purism to refund if Purism have already ordered hardware for that order, but why would a refund be possible later in that case? I don’t understand this.


It may be a logistics thing (pure speculation). It may be that they need to have X number of phones because they have X number of preorders, but the paperwork involved would be too much of a hassle if the number they needed or said they needed were to change all the time, arbitrarily. Once the acquisition process is complete and they have X phones in-house, they can then more easily refund and just add the excess to their stock.

Just a guess. Either way, its a tough situation to be in, but its their policy, which means its written down somewhere, which means orderers had access to the information before ordering. I won’t argue if you gripe about it, but sometimes it bes that way.


It also sharpens focus about why a person wants to cancel an order.

Is it because of concern that the phone will never be delivered? In that case, the rules as quoted above would make the person’s decision illogical - particularly as a later, second change of mind is likely to lead to a more expensive (full price) phone, as compared with the pre-order or backer price.

Is it because of concern about functionality? By the time they get to you in the queue, the questions may have been cleared up.

Is it because of change of circumstances?


Proof for my heretical statement.


That sounds reasonable enough from Purism whatever their reasons. It fits with what I had read and provides me with reassurance. For now I’m thinking of getting a Fairphone perhaps and putting my L5 back to Fir where hopefully it will be getting to be pretty slick and ready.

Thanks for the clarification.


Today is 11 May
(but make a little tiny release?)


I start supposing that they are still waiting for the new batteries from their provider since in their video of three days ago they estimate 3500 mAh on Chestnut instead of measuring 3500 mAh on Dogwood.


thanks thanks thanks


Thanks for your patience and sorry it took longer than normal to write up an update–as mentioned in the blog post, we have been busy testing the boards and tracing down issues as they came up and wanted to get to a good place where we felt like we not only understood the root causes and fixes for the issues we found, but also had a good sense of when testing would be complete.


I fully understand and understand that I will have to wait at least another month but … it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to have news about what happens.
Hello and congratulations to everyone for your work


This kind of testing of every component in a long checklist is tedious work and is only interrupted with a bit of excitement when something doesn’t work as expected and you must drop everything to figure out why.

or it can be interrupted by the community impatiently asking what the heck is going on … did Purism decide to move to the tropics with our money ? :mask:




No. I don’t think they stopped working to write the Dogwood update and YES it is what we need: information. Good or bad. I just need to know what to expect. This update is a great one. :clap::clap::clap: