Today is Sep 24! Did anyone get to select modem yet?

Congrats to everyone at Purism! Thank you for all your hard work!


It’s right there in the blog post title: 5 smartphones are shipping :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


ZOMFG, live photos, finally… Gonna have a booze :slight_smile:


I am really appreciative of the effort that Librem has made, though I have had some harsh words for their communication.
For those willing to listen, Destination Linux, episode 8, at least after some 15 or so minutes of filler, has a review of the Librem 5 situation and reflects after some talk the optimism that something might come out of the whole of good, but yet also agrees with my other sentiment that the company has really been less than reasonable in its degree of its being forthcoming with communications. In other words, good for the idea, but really guys, can’t you be more up front with your backers about what is going on here?
For those interested, listen here:


Yes, their openess has been more of a vaccumn for quite a while. Let’s hope they release some relevent (e.g purchase date against shipping date) shipping details soon.


Tee hee, in all fairness there’s probably some wisdom in that. I mean, some may feel compelled to issue international cage match challenges to all comers in batches before them if they knew they weren’t in the batch they wanted…maybe…‘some’

Lol. I hope there are a good number of each batch, not just the Librem 5 phones you mentioned… :laughing:


Perhaps we would only see a single Librem One key released then by extension at its date of origin?

I start thinking whoever is assigned to a batch, they will know their batch probably a week or so before the shipment… So whoever is assigned to Evergreen, is better off relaxing!! :joy:

Also, considering that apparently no one in this forum has received the email from Purism about the modem choice and the shipment confirmation, I am afraid that Aspen batch is really really small… It’s a shame because I would have really loved to have one :disappointed_relieved: (of course in case that the T1 modem variant is available for this phone)


Ya know . It would be nice if Purism atleast said that so im not checking email everyday until q2 2020 .

I mean on certain things their communication skills are sorely lacking.


I am with you. Not trying to be funny. I will probably log in once a month to double check the forums. People if the various batches should already be told. I find it interesting that the folks at Purism are mum to people asking how large the batches are to be. I would not be surprised if there “was” only around 100 phones or less in the Aspen batch.


Planning out the batch sizes requires knowing how many units they can produce under each batch. This is their first time building a phone, and each iteration of hardware will have different assembly times. Its like asking an electrician how long it would take them to add plumbing to a new house. They can figure it out, they have seen others do it, but that does not help with estimating the first build. Once they have experience with assembly, they can estimate how many phones can be built within a time frame, assuming that they have all of the parts coming in on time. Some of the hardware improvements change the assembly time, and they will want to start building the new hardware when it becomes available, so hardware improvements is another estimate. So there is supply chain logistics on top of estimates on top of more estimates. How much estimation do we want to pay for? It is not free to make employees figure this stuff out. This means that accuracy is not going to be very good, and it is easier to disappoint someone by giving them an estimate and not delivering within that estimate, even if it is clearly stated that they are guessing. There is more than communication skills at play here. Documenting how complex things are complex to laypeople also takes time away. Personally, I would rather their employees spend more time on building and less on estimations.


Indeed. I gotta say, those people constantly nagging “why do we not see more real pictures? why is there no videos? when do I receive my mail” … it seems to me they never worked on any bigger project.

All of it eventually happened. Mail, more pictures, first video.
They are working their behinds off!

I’m convinced that the mail we got was plan B or C. It doesn’t make any sense that it was not a web form and that it only asked one of the questions.

The Aspen timeframe just started, so don’t assume that if you didn’t receive a second mail yet, you’ll not be in it. Also, if you did not join the campaign in September 2017, don’t assume you’ll be in Aspen.
The batch size is 1000 at the most (logical conclusion of whole shipping timeframe / preorder count).


I am struggling to interpret this.


Can I pretend you misquoted me and I did not fix any typo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or I could edit my post to reflect your edit and pretend I’m having a bad hair day? :slight_smile:

PS I backed the campaign in early Sep 2017 and maybe I’m not in Aspen either (no email asking for modem choice).

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I backed the 8th of September 2017, but I don’t remember when the campaign actually started. I was hoping to be in, I would like to have an “handcraft made” Aspen!!

Edit: it started the 24th of August, so I was quite early… Maybe not early enough though.


You should receive one of the first 350 librem 5.

Based on this:


I am not sure when the campaign ended, but when I tried to put in 30/10/2017 in the link above, it got me to 28/10/2017. This was the status back then:

Funding goal: $ 1,500,000
Funds raised: $ 2,151,086 (143% of goal)

Phone backers:
Dev kits: 242
Librem 5 phone: 2,799
Librem 5 phone + monitor/mouse/KB: 21+32=53
Enterprise bundle 1 (10 phones): 2x10=20
Enterprise bundle 2 (10 phones): 6x10=60
Enterprise bundle 3 (10 phones): 8x10=80

Total phones: 3,012

I ordered on 18 Oct. 2017, and unfortunately there were already 2,496 phones ordered by then…


I ordered August 24, 2017 - day 1 of the campaign. Based on Web Archive snapshots, I am pretty sure I am somewhere between order 30 and order 75. I’ll be sure to post when I receive my email, though the initial mailing preference email did NOT go out in order of earliest backer to latest backer.

I guess for what it’s worth, it seems like the payment didn’t actually process until October 10, 2017, so maybe that affects my order date - I dunno. Regardless, I will be sure to post when I receive my email.