Today is Sep 24! Did anyone get to select modem yet?


Preordered my phone in september 9 2017. Been waiting and checking for changes for 2 years. Now, without warning, my preorder has been cancelled and the support ain’t saying anything yet…


Hi taylor-williamc, I’m in the same position – first 50 or so orders on August 24, 2017, payment processed October 10, no modem/shipping address email yet, will post when I get one.

If you look at this link from October 9, 2017 at 11:00 pm, you will notice that the goal was reached on that day. If I remember correctly, the cost of the telephone was charged on the day the finish line was reached. if I remember correctly. (also my order looks like 9 October 2017 :-))


Ah, great point antpanlinux.


Only saw your post now

Did you tried to contact us via email?

If you haven’t yet, please send us an email to with your order number so we can see what happened.


Forwarded the first email i sent.


In Batch Fir not an option?, we learn that modem selection and address confirmation happens before batch shipment. So I wonder if this means that final assembly and final QA will be done first. That is really the only way that they will have an exact count of how many phones can go out. That exact count might be what they are waiting for. Also, you want to reduce the amount of time between asking for this stuff, and handing boxes off to the shipping carrier to avoid additional address changes and modem changes.


I ordered mine on October, 7 2017, got it confirmed on October, 10 and now, a few days ago, I was asked for the three preferred batches. So far, all as it should.

It would be nice if Purism could publish a short table stating the range of order dates for each of the batches. Shouldn’t be a big calculation when it’s clear how many phones are planned for each batch. But anyway, I’m waiting now for two years and will wait until it takes me. Hopefully my Ubuntu E4.5 will last until I have my L5 in hands :slight_smile:


Props to you. Can’t beat Day 1!

Same here - money extracted from my card some time after ordering (and in October 2017, around the same time as everyone else, when the project reached “liftoff!”). I would not expect that that would change the order in which the orders are fulfilled.


Turns out my stupid ass forgot to pay for the phone.
Sorry for wasting everyones time.


How did you find the number of orders at a specific date? That’s magic! :open_mouth:


While the NSA might have backups of your HDD, has them for “the Internet” :upside_down_face:


:frowning: To the back of the queue with you then. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I realised later… Damn I really am waiting for the bloody email for my batch! :tired_face:


NSA my storage-unit “cracked” and i haven’t made any back-ups … would you be so kind as to send me a copy ? :sweat_smile:


You might have to fill out a FOIA request for that :wink:


NSA i visited FOIA but i’m alergic to bullshit so now i’m in the hospital. screw the back-up whose gonna pay for my hospital bill ?


I suspect that until they had some critical number of phones to charge out it did not pay them to run through the credit billing. If the company only had some 30 or 40 takers, it would cause too much legal craziness to reimburse charges made for devices, if it was not considered fraudulent charges made. Possibly the charges for using the credit clearinghouse are also limiting on single item transactions. Holding and running in large numbers for transmissions as ‘lots of purchases’ was probably thought best on all counts.


I remember that the announcement was very clear: the money was debited if the goal had been reached.


Me too. (I think I have squeaked into the queue just ahead of you.)

They may not send you an email until the T1 is supported. So far there has been no official statement. That could mean that you get pushed back in the queue, later than when you otherwise would be based on the date of order. :frowning: