TOR Browser Installation

Good morning. I wanted to see if anyone has a set of instructions to install the TOR browser. I went to the TOR Project site and cannot get them to work. when extract the files, the start broswer is not accessible other than root.

Truth in lending. I just received my machine back. I am reinstalling the TOR browser. I do not remember it being this big of a challenge prior.

Any help by the team will be awesome.


Steve, have a look at this wiki article please:

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As always, you are the man. Thank you so much. it worked flawlessly.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome, I’m glad all is okay! :slight_smile:

I have tried to install tor on the Librem 5, but I haven’t been successful yet. The tor package installed fine, but the torbrowser-launcher wasn’t available. Then I tried the steps above and it failed with a “Tor Browser requires a cpu with SSE2 support. Exiting.” Any ideas on how to get it started? Maybe just digging down in the details on the tor package and set it up manually?

After reading about sse2 I realized that the download was only for x86. I checked the libssl and it was built for x86 and not arm.

Here’s a tutorial on how to get tor running on Librem 5, Tor on Librem 5