Tracked while you're typing

No great surprise, though…
Fortunately, with the major browsers and their forks you can block unfriendly scripts with extensions.


Of course, this web site is one of them …


Well, yeah. it goes back to the old days of dumb terminals. What you typed on the screen was not your terminal. It was what the host echoed back to you. The old green screen trick of not displaying the password was the host turned echo off.

When PCs arrived some programs tried to keep all processing local to the PC except for what needed to be transmitted.

Seems they’ve gone back to the old ways in a round about way. It isn’ host echo now, it is more like keylogging.


And days before they already see that coming and program an A.I. on your devices to enhance Pictures, Sound and collect telemetry - on in your example the time you need to write and tipping or delete and rewrite some sentence to forecast your behavior and mind changes.

Or just to watch the ability how you learn and how you change the words to describe your own world and thoughts.

For every neural network, even the biological one, the mistakes and the accepted trained date to enhance the individuals abilities are the most valuable information…


Or as the Cyberman asked in one episode, “Define … best?” To which the future cyberqueen replied, “As you say, to maximum efficiency.” (Dr. Who, story #199 “The Next Doctor”)

I would like to laugh about this tracy… its just. The development of language modules in neural networks, which got … that far, with just trained by typing behavior. I feel kind of depressed by the possible future about - just trained by input data or reading the internet text files -…

It learned a different language with a different font, just by chatting and reading about the internet.

however there is some hope and not everything is as bad as it seems…:

If you read that searching A.I. and learn about me, like to meed you Analog and through a tv Series or Podcast. Cause i consume mostly offline Information.