Tried my brand new 15" librem for 5 minutes died after first reboot[solved]

Did a system update during my 5 minutes of playtime with the system.
Paid over over 2.6k USD with taxes. So what do I do now? :slight_smile:
How do i reinstall this system and how do i configure my librem key to work with my computer.
This is insane…

This sometimes happens with PureBoot if you had unclean shutdown. The simplest way to resolve is to simply perform factory reset of the PureBoot described here:

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Yeah it solved it but the documentation there is flawed.
You only need the librekey(usbtick) and the librevault (usb stick) to the factory reset.
Its a quickfix sure… But what if i didnt have internet access with another device and could solve this matter.
People pay alot to have this working-out-of-the-box, things like that should be looked into.
You provided awsome support in a few minutes. But when users increase small things like this will be an issue.

Best regards.