Trisquel on Librem 14

Hello! I would like to know if I can install a trisquel system on librem 14?

I’m not sure what version of Ubuntu the most recent version is based on but assuming its new enough for 10th gen Intel processors it should work just fine.

Yes you can. I removed/washed PureOS of my Librem 14 last week then i burned GNU Trisquel Aramo (T11) and worked really really nice. To install GNUFSFRMST11 type: “help” in Seabios.

The main reason to remove PureOS was that i am not fan of Apple/Gnome shell.

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It would be nice if PureOS had a minimal server oriented net install option. I do that with debian so that I can avoid having a GUI login screen or any desktop. Then I install a window manager and whatever X-window applications I want as needed using apt.

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Hi, I am not have a Librem 14, but have installed PureOs, and right now booted from live usb a Trisquel GNU/Linux 11.0 \n \l

If you want to control the brightness maybe you wont find it easy but I figure it out with

echo 41 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness

thanks to the trisquel forum

Just Bumping the thread…

  • GNU RMS Trisquel 12 will codenamed ecne with Gnucore 6.5. >> current under construction.
    • Gnutaurus. Gnumach.

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