Unable to upgrade Librem One subscription

Just a heads up that I signed up for the free level of Librem One, and am now trying to upgrade, however the account management page seems to be non-functional:

Nothing happens when clicking the “—” buttons.


You cannot upgrade at this time, we will announce this later.

You can create another account if you can’t wait.


Understood, thank you!


@mladen In a related question, is it also planned to be able to merge/join an existing account to a Family-Pack? (And likewise remove them when children start to need their own family pack? :upside_down_face:)


No, but I’ll pass this on for a consideration.


Thank you sir :slight_smile:
My own case is, that I’ll start with a pick-price + a free account, but am a potential future family-packer.
So, it’s not super urgent.
But wait until the first couples meet :heart_eyes: on Librem Social and start families … :grinning:

The first couple to do this would of course get a free lifetime account in exchange for the marketing story:
“I met the love of my life on Librem Social, where there are no trackers and no advertising - and yet, he tracked me down and turned out to be just as good as he advertised himself” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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