Unboxing comments on librem 13

Got my librem 13 V2 yesterday and thought you might like some feedback (if anyone else wants to drop something in feel free)

  • Box looks lush and professional
  • only criticism here is on plastic (am British so have watched blue planet)
    - Does the shipping box have to be packaged in Styrofoam? Recycled newspaper from the office would probably be cheaper and more recyclable, is the plastic covering the laptop/cable recyclable if not paper envelopes?
  • install is quick and easy, note if English (US) is the only possible English language (on the first screen) why have (US)
  • once i finished install and restarted the initial install bit opened up again i stopped this by uninstalling it
  • desktop looks slick
  • could pure os come with a password manager (i use enpass personally)
  • the laptop is light this will be no pain at uni
  • maybe some lights next to the kill switches to tell their state
  • keyboard layout is good spacing feels natural
  • my pipe key doesn’t work gives # or ~ when on caps (as does the key which has those characters on it
  • the touch-pad looks good (nice silver lining around the edge)but the left click keeps getting stuck down i will have to use a mouse unless i can find a fix
  • battery life — not great, could there be a power saving button that dims the screen and background process, maybe a utility which shows what uses the most power
  • why no stickers in the box? partner up with FSF and other free stickers if you donate great marketting as well as personalistation choices
  • the power cord is nice and long
  • speakers and clear and precise

all in all top notch work lads, few minor pickles but they’re mostly problems with gnome or minor nit picks on feature. So again really well done thanks for the lovely laptop tea’s on me.


Thanks for your post!

The pipe key issue is known:

I think it’s been fixed in updates - if you fully update your system, it might get fixed.

The touchpad issue has also been reported before. Tightening some screws in the case appears to fix it:

actually i think i know the problem, i misjudged how much space i would need so i stuck my old laptops hdd in instead of the origna and now one side of the case is visibly thicker than the other, is there a way to transfer an entire os form on drive to another?

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