Touchpad gets stuck when clicking if the case is not screwed properly


Hardware: Librem13v2

Did I get a bad one, or are they all like this?

Laptop on a clean flat surface. If I put any of the weight of my hand at all on the right side of the laptop then the mouse click gets stuck in the down state. Even putting just my wrist watch (off my hand) on top of the right corner (to the right of the touch pad), and then clicking the bottom left of the touchpad makes it stick down. It clicks back up when I poke the right corner upwards.

Text selection via click-and-drag on the touchpad
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Seems like a faulty touchpad. Could you check you have all screws at place?


yeah, make sure the screws are in place and tight and the bottom/top of the case is properly aligned and not somehow shifted. I had that issue with one of the prototypes because i didn’t put the battery in correctly (it wasn’t screwed) and so the case wasn’t screwed correctly and it had that side effect.

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Yes, that was it. Thank you. I guess I was a bit too careful after reading in the manual to not over tighten.


Cool, glad it’s fixed! And wow, didn’t know there’s a “solution” button in this forum, this is pretty neat! :smiley: