Update showing package can be upgraded

@SwissUser ah I see… Sabir’s concern when this happened the first time (October 2023) seemed to be more about security, and for what it’s worth the package is listed on the repo page as “Priority: Optional” … but a VM use-case seems to require it.

Hopefully nochelibre gets some useful guidance!

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I didn’t her back from Purism Support after 2 days, so I emailed Mladen (Support Manager) directly late last night. I haven’t heard anything back from him yet, either. The issue with linux-headers-amd64 persists. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have in the meantime also reached out to Mladen: he advised he unfortunately would not have any suggestion/workaround for this at the moment, but that he will point the PureOS developer to the forum thread.

So, hopefully we will hear from the developer next week.


Thanks @SwissUser! BTW, did you reach Mladen via email or some other way? I use a VPN and so my emails might get filtered by IP address-blocking software, and maybe that’s why I didn’t hear back from anyone yet.

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hi @nochelibre, hi @all,
@nochelibre : via email. Maybe you did not hear back because @all: the issue seems to having been solved: I just now I received a system notification about an update to be ready (linux-libc-dev): after installing it, I am now able to install linux-headers-amd64 successfully :smile: !

I will need to check later whether my VirtualBox / virtual machine does work again, too.


Yes this issue seems fixed today I run command for update now and it is installed successfully.

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Great, mark your post as a solution.

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Thanks @SwissUser. Yes, the issue has been resolved. Onward through the fog!

By the way, @SwissUser, did your VirtualBox virtual machine work again?

By the way #2 (and I know this is off topic), I just found out Kyle Rankin is no longer with Purism, and it makes me wonder if Mladen and maybe others have left the employ of Purism as well. Maybe there is no Purism Support anymore?

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If they do not respond to your issue(s), let me know and I will pass it on to @JCS who will escalate it, or I will personally handle it myself.

Correct, Kyle is no longer with Purism. The entire support department (for which Mladen is the support manager) is all still staffed. No changes there.

Just a general reminder to folks reading this thread that these forums are not an official method of support (the official method is through support@puri.sm), and that any support provided by the support department on this forum is in excess of their contracted duties.

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Thanks, I know well that the forum is not official, which is why I emailed support@puri.sm, waited 2 days, then emailed Mladen. I never got a response from anyone, which is why I thought maybe it was because I use a VPN and my emails got blocked by IP filtering.

It’s a moot point on this issue because it got fixed, but now I’m wondering if my emails were not received. Cheers!

p.s. Sorry about the deleted post, but the system didn’t properly show that I was replying to @JCS. It worked the second time. Go figure. :slight_smile:

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Or maybe your emails were received and responded to but the email response was blocked at your end.

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Anything’s possible, but I turned off spam filtering over 20 years ago and use disposable addresses instead. I’ve received emails from others during this time, so I don’t think I received anything from Purism Support or Mladen unless my hosting provider has a top-secret spam filter that I don’t know about. :sunglasses:

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We replied to your emails, please check your spam folder, if you don’t see our messages, well, then I think it is time for you to switch to another email service…


I don’t have a spam folder because I don’t do spam filtering. I haven’t done any spam filtering since 1997 because that’s when I started using disposable addresses. I get plenty of emails every day, and the last one I got from support@purism was a reply to the one you sent me back on 2023-07-31. That was the most recent email I sent to support@puri.sm until the one I sent on 2024-02-14. Then I sent you one 2 days later on 2024-02-16 because I didn’t hear back from support@puri.sm. I thought this was strange because that’s never happened before. Then it was double strange because you’ve always been prompt to respond as well.

So this is a mystery. The only explanation I can think of is that the email you had for me got changed somehow, such as with autocorrect. Because of the way I spell the non-domain part of my address, I can see how autocorrect might try to change it, but I don’t want to put that address here publicly. The address works, because I just now tested it from 2 different email accounts. I sent a test email to support@puri.sm on 2024-03-16, so I’m wondering if you guys got that one.

By the way, the reason I’m replying here is that I got the email sent from this forum, but that’s a different email address. :smile:

Maybe I should send an email to support with a different return address, as a test?

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Probably best to resolve the email communication issue via direct message with Purism.

Are you using your own domain name? If yes, who is doing the hosting? You with a real server? You with a VPS? Service provider?

Email is inherently difficult to troubleshoot unless both ends have full control over their environment.

Maybe you disposed of the address that Purism is using.

Obviously we don’t have enough public information to sort this out. Hence my opening comment.

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Hmm, sorry, the Discourse reply only shows I’m replying to you on the second try.

Heh, heh, as I said, the address works. It’s not been disposed of. :grinning:

So this is still a mystery, but I want to solve it. Will do DM as you suggest. It looks like Mladen is unhappy with what I said, but I didn’t mean to imply that Purism isn’t responding to emails. So, SORRY, Mladen, you guys have always been great!

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