Updates to the installer disc

Could anyone help with a making a modification to the installer boot disc? I apparently need the nls_ascii module added to the initrd image to install on my computer. I made an issue here:

But not sure how to get this solved?

Thanks in advance!

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Since I haven’t received a response yet:
I went ahead and installed PureOS inside a VM. Can someone on the dev team point me to the necessary repos to build a new live disc? I’d like to try to modify the ISO disc with the changes I need.
I think I need these, but not 100% sure:

I would suggest contacting support directly. This forum is not an official support channel. :+1:

How does one contact support for PureOS?

Never got a response here or elsewhere, but did figure out how to get it installed! You can read about it here if you’re interested:

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Sorry didn’t see this until just now. You would find the stickied thread here on the forum that explains how to get a hold of Purism officially.

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Unfortunately, the sticky that’s there does not tell me how to officially contact Purism for support.

Regardless, I solved the issue for me. It’s honestly sad how little anyone responded to me here or on the issue tracker. I’m hopeful for PureOS, but it needs a community open to bringing more folks into the fold.


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I apologize for the lack of official response. There are some reasons for that however as mentioned in the FAQ;

Forum RULES - please read before posting:

Apple’s products are proprietary and it is very hard to help folks install PureOS, or any OS, on their hardware. Purism also has limited resources and spends those resources on designing and building great hardware that runs coreboot, disables Intel’s Management Engine, and provides considerably more security and privacy that proprietary systems can. Supporting Apple hardware is really Apple’s job.

Well not to mention that Apple specifically makes their driver support for other OS’s really poor. Imagine a Windows installation with the system fan always at full bore, and no help from Apple or the promise of an improved EC driver. Then they run ads that say that OS X even is better for your hardware.

With Apple it is the walled garden or bust, literally. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted all out though!

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t really looking for an “official response”, even a simple community response is fine (even including one that just says ‘we have no idea’). I guess I just don’t understand where people “hang out” to discuss PureOS. Seems it’s only PureOS on Librem or libre hardware here, and questions outside of that either get ignored or told to wait for an “official response”, which you are saying will never happen.

But, c’est la vie, I am enjoying PureOS and have only booted into macOS twice to get some files I missed since getting it installed. I’m hopeful for a more welcoming community around PureOS, and will keep searching for one.

I wouldn’t say it would never happen, just that it is less likely to happen given a lot of folks distrust of walled gardens in the Purism community. :slight_smile:

Since Purism is based on Debian, I would imagine that the Debian community would have some info on running GNU/Llinux on the Macbook. Which model do you have?


I mentioned this in another thread, but Fedora releases installer discs specifically for Apple computers, as evidenced by the .VolumeIcon.icns files present in the ESP of the installer disc. Your biggest problem with installing most GNU/Linux distros on Apple hardware is almost certainly going to com in the form of proprietary drivers for your wifi card; I once installed an Arch derivative that had broadcom-wl present in the newly-installed system, but I can’t remember which one it was, so I would stick with my initial recommendation of Fedora.

Ultimately, PureOS is one of the worst choices you can make for trying to have an easy-setup experience on Apple hardware. It would be much better to get used to Linux with a distro that doesn’t take such a stand on proprietary software, then swtich to PureOS when you decide you can live with Linux and buy a Librem 15 to replace your MacBook. :slight_smile:

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