Updating EC with UEFI?

I have @MrChromebox UEFI firmware installed on a librem 14. I was following the directions here to update EC. The image is not recognized at boot. Is there something special I have to do for UEFI?

you can do this from linux command line
you will need https://source.puri.sm/firmware/releases/-/blob/master/tools/purism_ectool.gz
and https://source.puri.sm/firmware/releases/-/blob/master/librem_14/ec-1.13_2023-03-22.rom.gz
gzip -d purism_ectool.gz
gzip -d ec-1.13_2023-03-22.rom.gz
chmod a+x purism_ectool
sudo ./purism_ectool flash_backup ec-1.13_2023-03-22.rom

Thank you @NineX the above worked for me.