UPERFECT X Mini lapdock works with Librem 5

@Kyle_Rankin I put in a beefy sd card of 128GB and mounted according to your instructions, just to realize I didn’t move the contents of my previous Documents folder to the sd card folder before mounting.
Do you keep the Documents folder etc. on the device and just empty them or what do you recommend?

EDIT: Just noticed that all of the mounts are write protected for the user purism, how can I change that?


It sounds like the SD card is still some form of fat32/ntfs/etc?

I recommend first just mounting /mnt/sda1, it should be formatted with a Linux-permissions-friendly file system (such as ext4) so you can set file permissions. Once it is mounted, create a Documents directory on it and set the permissions how you wish. Then move over the files from your ~/Documents/ directory to it. Then you can mount /home/purism/Documents and it should behave as expected.

Thanks @Kyle_Rankin, moved the topic here as it is not really related to UPERFECT :slight_smile:

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Also I’m finding as quite relevant that UPERFECTmonitor is listing Purism Librem 5 here: https://www.uperfectmonitor.com/pages/list-of-smartphones-with-displayport-alt-mode.

I know it’s typically bad form to revive a dead thread, but I felt like I should update this. Yesterday I decided to try out my Nexdock 360 after spending a few months on the X Mini. Since it had been so long it provided me a fresh perspective and means of comparison.

I have to say I think I prefer the Nexdock. In particular what is swaying me the most is two things:

  • screen quality
  • charging ability

While I prefer the X Mini’s size, the screen is inferior in crispness and quality compared to the nexdock. Switching back made that abundantly clear. Secondly, the X Mini only provides 500mA charging, which means the Librem 5 slowly drains. This isn’t a big deal for home use, however if I were at a conference, one of the advantages of using a dock is that I would be extending my Librem 5 use because it would be charging the whole time.

Both have pros and cons, but at least for now I think I might switch back to my Nexdock 360 for awhile.


Another update. I decided to do a battery test in this Nexdock similar to the X Mini, because I noticed yesterday that it seemed like the battery drained pretty fast. Sure enough, I just had my Librem 5 docked and left it idle with a stopwatch running. After 50 minutes the Nexdock battery is at 50%. Of course my Librem 5 is still at 100% battery, but this points to less than 2 hours of use with cellular and wifi on.


So is that to say that the X Mini is usable for longer than the Nexdock when charging the phone?

Yes, based on the tests I ran before in this thread, it appears the X Mini lasts 5.5 hours when charging the L5, after which the L5 had 60% charge. Which I guess makes some sense, since it is only providing at maximum, half the current to the Librem 5 (500mA vs 1A), and the smaller screen likely also draws less power.

So this makes the choice between the two even less clear. For instance, right now I’m not entirely sure which I would prefer to take to a conference. Or, which I would prefer to use on an inter-continental flight.

I guess it’s pretty case-by-case. Do you need a keyboard or mouse? Will you be away from an outlet for a while? How long will you need a bigger screen? etc.

If on a flight (which is the instance I’ve done recently myself) I wouldn’t want to pay for internet access, so I would bring the X Mini to watch movies or read. The conference would depend on if I wanted to take notes or just follow along on slides or something.

So I would say if you just want a bigger screen, use the X Mini. If you need something more laptop-y, use the Nexdock, though perhaps sparingly.

I would tend to agree with you I think. At least if I had to make the decision today, I’d probably use the Nexdock as my home laptop, and when traveling, the X Mini because the smaller footprint is better for travel, especially on those ever-shrinking coach seats on airplanes.

At a conference I don’t know. If I’m carrying a lapdock it’s in a backpack and if so I tend to also have a 20,000mAh battery pack in there as well, that I can use to charge the Librem 5 independently. But then I could also use that 20,000mAh battery to extend the life of the NexDock significantly.

Or, as they say, “Porque no los dos?” :wink:

Depends on the nature of the conference. If it’s a tech conference then the more equipment the better :slight_smile: and, if you are desperate, the batteries in the two lapdocks together extend your total run-time (albeit I saw that you also mentioned your 20Ah battery pack).


This is a really good point. At conferences where I would find myself walking around wearing a backpack anyway, adding the X Mini to the backpack along with the Nexdock wouldn’t add all that much weight. This is one area where the lapdock model gives you much more flexibility than a traditional laptop, you can swap from one lapdock to the next without closing any applications. Try that with a pair of traditional laptops!.


About the only issue I have with the Mini X is the rigidity of the usb c to usb c cable that comes with it. It makes it awkward to position your phone and the dock. Does anyone know of a cable to that is more flexible and not so long? I mean I need 6in / 15cm cable and that is it. The phone is always being used as a second screen, and so I don’t need it to be long.

I’ve found this sort of cable to work well. Having a high quality cable seems to be important. The lower quality cables have a tendency to fail, causing flickering on the screen and other problems:

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Thanks Kyle. I didn’t get that one because Amazon.de could get me something a bit faster. I have been using my L5 quite a bit lately with the Mini X and it has been an ideal situation for the most part!!!

My only real gripe about the Mini X is that it can’t be charged via USB C. Only the little barrel connector that comes with it. Which I can’t find at the moment.

But the Mini X has basically tuned my Librem 5 into the work break programming station. I am able to work on my side projects and it all works awesomely. Syncing things with Resilio Sync things are all synced up when I get home.

The only bummer is that the L5 cannot negotiate cell signals when close to the border here.

Still being able to have a pocket computer like the L5 enable this kind of thing is truly awesome.


I found this adapter works so that I can charge it with my existing USB-C chargers:


Thanks Kyle. Once I get things a little more sorted, I’ll do a little write up about using the L5 in the way that I am, and use that as an opportunity to give it a little review. Try to spread some positivity about the awesome software that is being done.

I really appreciate all the work being done on the L5!!


And copying my comment from above: Weirdly, the three larger models all seem to have USB-C for power input.

I don’t know what UPERFECT were thinking there??? I’m not a fan of charging via USB-C but if you already have a number of models using USB-C for charging and a later model released after the X Mini that also uses USB-C for charging, why slot in one model that does it differently? I can only guess that it is a design consequence of the smallest form factor.

I just got my X Mini today as well, seems to work pretty well. After realizing you need to enable touch support in phosh-mobile-settings, it mostly works. The hardware itself is alright. The keyboard a little small, the trackpad sounds a lot when clicking it, the bezel is a bit thick and when touching the screen too hard on a black background will show a bit of backlight bleed (just flimsy plastic protection on top of the LCD/digitizer I guess). But when it was on sale for less than $200 I just couldn´t resist and it is certainly worth that price. I am writing this on it right now.

The only big issue I have is that the phone does not charge from the laptop. Some users reported low charging rate, but I am talking about it not charging at all. Anyone got a similar issue?

The following is also spamming my journal, unrelated to the charging though. Not sure why that warning is spammed, everything works as expected in phoc as far as I can see.

Jan 14 17:02:38 johan-librem5 phoc[677]: [types/output/cursor.c:269] Failed to pick cursor format
Jan 14 17:02:38 johan-librem5 phoc[677]: [types/output/cursor.c:354] Failed to render cursor buffer
Jan 14 17:02:38 johan-librem5 phoc[677]: [types/output/cursor.c:223] Failed to get cursor display formats
Jan 14 17:02:38 johan-librem5 phoc[677]: [types/output/cursor.c:269] Failed to pick cursor format
Jan 14 17:02:38 johan-librem5 phoc[677]: [types/output/cursor.c:354] Failed to render cursor buffer
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