Using a hub and charging from it?

Showstopper for me (having spend the better part of 12 hours trying to force my Nexus5x to do it - the hardware is willing, but the OS is crippled!).

Specifically, will it be possible to plug in a powered USB-C hub and recharge from it at the same time as using USB devices plugged into it (aka - desktop dock, formally “USB ACA”: Accessory charging adapter - or its USB-C equivalent).

When the dev kit first came out, the only way to use it was via a powered USB-C hub(Or X11 forwarding). This would let you power the dev kit as well as plug in a mouse/keyboard. When the librem5 comes out, you should be able to switch the usb c device tree to the needed mode. I’m not sure if they will have a GUI ready from easy role switching tho.


Thanks for the info. Sounds positive. Immediate readiness, while nice, isn’t essential as long as it is electrically possible :slight_smile:

As the device was also sold as a workstation with monitor, keyboard and mouse I assumed this to be working (maybe not at day 0). Wouldn’t be much fun having to disconnect the monitor every 30m because the phone is already discharged from heavy desktop usage :crazy_face:

However this thread shows me again how careful I should be with my assumptions ^^

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