Docking station and audio over HDMI?


Hello Purism forums :slight_smile:

I’ve pre-ordered my device, yay! I currently use a raspberry pi 3 for much of my desktop computing, and I’m considering using my Librem 5 connected to a monitor to replace it. Convergence :wink:

Would this be an acceptable docking station?

Does the USB C connector support audio over HDMI?

Thanks in advance for any answers :slight_smile:


That would be awesome.
I hope so.


According to people currently having the devkits, USB-C docking support seems not to work properly currently.

You will probably have to wait a few months to be able to know which types of USB-C docks are going to work. But as far as I understand they have plans to support at least some types of USB-C docks, the question is just which.


Thanks for the response.

Do we know if this is a hardware or software issue?

As I understand it the phone won’t have a mini-HDMI port, just USB-C?


(I’m the one who posted about Mini-HDMI and USB-C connectors)

I’m pretty sure it is a software issue because I can see the “data” part of the docking in the logs (with some errors) when I plug the docking.

I plan on looking more into it when I have spare time but until spring I’m working alot.


That’s a relief. Thanks for the info and for your hard work :slight_smile:


Are the HDMI, Audio and Ethernet ports on these Hubs are just USB devices connected by the usb connection to the phone/devkit or is this related to the alternate modes of usb-c?
I ask because if its based on the alternate modes i’m quite sure it is not only defined by software but needs hardware support. Such as putting HDMI or DP signal over the USB-C port not the USB 3.1 data connection.