Viability Of A Global Independent Mesh-Network in 2021

Security experts, chime in please:

The outcome is to iterate toward a private, censorship-free network, independent of ISPs. Potentially using HAM radio for intercontinental bridges, with device-to-device relays at the community level.

How viable with current tech? What tech needs to get built to make it fast & viable?


Crowdfund the launch of some microsatellites for intercontinental bridges? :slight_smile:

I think this is more of a network question than a security question. If you had the ability to transmit packets at all then maybe existing secure protocols would be adequate, if not optimised, for the use case.

That wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

I’m unclear on what you mean by that. Heh, if you want it to be private to you then you can start tomorrow but why would you build a global network for your own private use? As soon as you allow other people on your network, it’s not a private network any more.

Perhaps I’m getting the wrong end of the stick and you mean ‘private’ in the sense of privacy-focused.

I could be wrong but I think there may be some existing discussions in this forum along the general lines of what you are proposing.

I suspect that initiative would get sabotaged. All the actors required are already highly controlled.


A p2p scalar wave comms device would achieve the result, better, cheaper, faster:
… Until then… can you think of any other off-shelf tech other than HAM that could do the trick?

This isn’t exactly independent of ISPs but … you could tunnel through the internet. If you had enough intercontinental tunnels available it might be approximately acceptable.

Long distance point-to-point WiFi using floating buoys? :slight_smile:

You would have to disguise it as an atmospheric research satellite, or some such. :wink:

Is it even legal to transmit encrypted signals via ham radio?

Don’t forget you need a HAM license for whatever country you are in.

The last season of “Person of Interest” had an analog workaround for the identity vacuum cleaner but it only worked within the city.

It is not legal

Neither was hiding the Jews.

When are the slaves going to wake up to the harsh reality, those who make the rules always win the game. And those who are making the rules right now, are trying to kill them.

Do what is right… not what is “legal”.


Cyber Polygon false flag is coming.
The “solution” to this manufactured crisis will be a drivers license for the internet. You think you’re censored now?

If the people do not come up with a p2p internet independent of ISPs its going to be a hard world for anyone who values freedom.

The internet drivers license will go along good with the Rothchild global vaccine passport

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FidoNet for the 21st Century!

Not sure if this is on topic, but what is the TLDR; of the site. How useful is it right now?

You could also read:

What do you mean?

And the Class B “trucking” license for those who haul large attachments!


Coming attractions…

Ya, they had nothing to do with the current global scam.

Search “event 201”. Search “cyber polygon exercise” (not using Google).

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This is part of the solution. But we still need the pipes into it. You won’t even be able to logon without your biometric slave token in good standing. And you can bet they’ll be making it very hard to connect to nodes that are onboards into l2p.

We need to put resources into a solution now. It will be much harder to build once the network is locked down.

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This video doesn’t mention “polygon”, “false”, or “flag”. It does have “cyber”, but I still have no idea how this relates to whatever you were trying to say.

The last scam cue up…

The next scam cue up…

Search “revelation of the method”.

Why they tell you before they do it.

…Take them at their word. You don’t have to read any tea leaves. They’ve been telling you for years what they’re doing to you now. And they are telling you right now, what they’re going to do to you next.