Vibration continues after a call is picked up

The title says it all. You pick up the phone and both ringing tone AND vibration keeps playing for several seconds. It is very annoying, I would say irritating.

Can you please fix this? A few days ago it was only the ringing tone. Now after the recent updates it continues to play BOTH ringing tone AND vibration. It is very bad.

This is a known problem, and it has been around for a while. I don’t know whether it has changed in any way.

Yes it has changed. Earlier the ringing tone continued but the vibration was stopping immediately after pick up.

With the recent updates the vibration continues with the ringing tone. It is very very annoying. You can not talk to the other person. It got worse.

Probably same as: Timing Problems with "Calls"

from which: and (the latter of which suggests that the vibration might be a different bug!).

It goes without saying that you need to specify whether you are running amber or byzantium. If you have chosen amber then you have chosen stability as being higher priority than getting bugfixes ASAP, as I understand it.

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I am sorry but this is not the meaning of the stable release. On the contrary, stable means “it works as expected without new features”. Unstable means “we introduce new features and may have bugs”.

I do the regular stable updates from the PureOS store app. The functionality should not decrease as it did recently. I expect that L5 being my daily driver can make and receive calls. Currently the receiving is erratic because of the above newly introduced bug.


Either the update to the new kernel or the required reboot solved this problem. Now only the ringing tone continues to the end of its cycle at the begining of a picked up call.