Vibration on-off

Is there a way to turn off the vibration?
Thank you.

Type this on the terminal emulator.

gsettings set org.sigxcpu.feedbackd profile silent

And for the keyboard only should be

gsettings set org.sigxcpu.feedbackd.application:/org/sigxcpu/feedbackd/application/sm-puri-squeekboard/ profile silent


Thank you very much

To turn it back on I have to type: gsettings set org.sigxcpu.feedbackd profile ………?


the options are full quiet and silent but not sure what quiet does

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In the L5’s quick settings panel, clicking the notification icon, you can have:
Bell (sound and vibration on)
Quiet (vibration only)
Silent (sound and vibration off)

I don’t know which, if any, of those corresponds to the available gsettings options…but it’s always fun to experiment. :wink:


That’s it, there is no option of only sound!
Trying out the gsettings option is a bit above my abilities.:pensive:

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As @amarok say on: Silent (sound and vibration off) mean sound only. I am a little confused with that option patterns.

It isn’t. @spaetz, in his article, kindly wrote on how this works (some logic inclusive):



No, Silent means no sound and no vibration.


All you have to do is type the command (exactly) and hit Enter. :slight_smile:

And if you set up SSH, you could just copy and paste it from your computer to the L5’s terminal (after logging in remotely from your computer).

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We are talking about the gsettings Carlos suggested earlier?
gsettings set org.sigxcpu.feedbackd profile silent

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Yes. Feel the power! (Although profile silent means no audio and no vibration.)

:upside_down_face: It is like pulling teeth! So to get rid of the vibration, I have to dismantle the phone and break out the vibration module? :flushed:

You want sound but no vibration?

Exactly! Maybe it can be added as an option?

Or you can just wait for an update. :wink:
You can follow, or create, issues here:

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Thank you.

I was super annoyed by the keyboard vibration as well. You can “monkey patch” it out, it’s described here:

So “full” does vibration on new messages and incomings calls, but not on keyboard pressing. It’s nice and I always find it distracting to enter the LUKS password, because I don’t find a way to disable the keyboard vibration so early at boot.


I want to have on incoming calls only sound, but no vibration. Is there a way to get this? Thanks