Virtual machines

I am new here. I have just bought a Purism laptop and having the slightest idea on where to start. I know a little about Linux. I know that this is a privacy computer. I have nothing to hide, but I am currently a College student just needing a more powerful and different type of computer. I am having trouble installing VMware or installing any virtual machine. What I’m trying to do is to run Mac Os and Windows in a virtual setting. I was wonder if anyone could help? Thank you


Hi, welcome to the community and thank you for supporting very important work Purism is doing for our privacy and security.

I never tried VMware myself, and it seems to be proprietary software where you have to pay to use it. So I recommend VirtualBox instead: The Debian version will probably work, because PureOS is based on Debian.

If you have any problems, we will try to help you further!


I’ve got to disagree with @fsflover when it comes to VMs I’d never advice anyone to use VirtualBox at all since there is already Gnome Boxes based on the KVM/Qemu/libvirt virtualization technology available without having to install non free code like it’s AFAIK needed for the USB extension of VirtualBox.
You might find this response of mine regarding KVM useful. The whole thread contains a lot of options reading VMs.


I have been using QEMU on my ubuntu desktop to quarantine MSFT and google in separate vm’s. It is a very light vm and I would highly recommend it. When I get my L-14, next month it will be one of the first things I install on it.


Welcome! Congrats for your new Librem too! I suggest you to use AQEMU it is free and user friendly like VirtualBox or VMWare. To install it just visit your GNOME Software or use your Terminal:

sudo apt install aqemu


If you would like to use VMware workstation it works great. You would just follow the instructions for installing it on Ubuntu. If you are missing any dependencies just issue the following command:

sudo apt-get -f install

Then retry installing it.

:+1: Just post if you have any other problems.

hello you can install gnome-boxes

Ah but you do have something to hide, its your term papers.

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Where do you get the iso images for the software?

For windows, go to the microsoft site and you can download the iso and start using it.

Yes but don’t ask NSA them to restore your lost files from their backup.

You are completely missing the point of why one should fight surveillance. Surveillance harms journalism and activism, making the government too powerful and not accountable. If only activists and journalists will try to have the privacy, it will be much easier to target them. Everyone should have privacy to protect them. It’s sort of like freedom of speech is necessary not just for journalists, but for everyone, even if you have nothing to say.


Also, amnesty international’s latest report on surveillance capitalism is quite clear about the direct link between privacy and freedom. The invasion of privacy provides the tools to influence or at least limit the use of our freedoms. And in this sense, it is true to say that privacy is as important to protect as freedom itself.


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Hi fslover,

I downloaded the Debian 10 virtual box, but I get an error when dpkg it. I was wondering if you could help? Thanks

What is the exact error message from dpkg? I guess some required packages were not found in the connected repositories? If it’s true, then I have to agree with @Manuel that Gnome boxes fit better here, since all packages required there are “pure”. By the way, Gnome Boxes are already installed on PureOS.

PureOS is one of very few operating systems recommended by the Free Software Foundation, because any package not guaranteeing you freedoms cannot get there. It may be a problem for beginners, because too many packages are not free as in freedom, but trust me, it’s a very important thing long-term.