Vote for an official case for the L5

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Kyle said:

and there have been some +1, i.e. expressing the demand for such a case, me too. Actually I’m using the one from the picture below. With this (and perhaps to be considered in any case) the problem is the heat produced by the L5 which must be drained off by the case also. Said that, mine is the worst case solution and often I have to switch the L5 off when I carry it in my backpack.


There are 3D-printable blueprints for a case that fits the evergreen:

You can get those printed via online services.

I saw this long ago and some photos posted here in other threads. They all have had somehow a “self made” aspect. I even wanted despite of that to give it a try and contacted 3-4 companies here in Germany. None of them could offer 3D print with TPU and “Multijet Fusion method”.

I think, Purism should come up with a solution.

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For some reason the more updated case stls are not there in the wiki, see: