VPN, Tor, Disk Encryption

Has anybody attempted the above on their L5s?

I attempted to install AirVPN’s client, but it wasn’t functional, unfortunately. I was debating installing Network Manager just for it’s VPN setup functions, but I’m afraid of messing up the existing networking.

Yes Tor, Wireguard(vpn), Luks i guess soon.
Librem 5 :heart_decoration:


was Tor as easy as downloading it and creating a desktop file to launch from menu?

Wireguard is supported directly from the kernel – no install required, yes?

Yes from kernel already. @Photon


I set up an OpenVPN connection. I basically set it up on a laptop and copied the configuration to my Librem5.

For starting/stoping I put the commands into:
So I can start/stop via GUI.

LUKS only for the SD Card for now.

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Here is a link to setting up tor. Not the best solution, but start reading there.

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did you find out how to prevent it from DNS leaking?

where did you put the info on the L5?

Was this with a purism laptop? if so, I am assuming you just went under the VPN settings on the laptop and extracted all the info from there?

No I didn’t go down that route til the end. Something else came up. And I think that it may have been solved in debian 11, but I’m not sure.

How I set up OpenVPN in my Librem5:
I first set it up on a Debian laptop (probably any Linux Distro with
NetworkManager works).
Copy the “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/{Name}.nmconnection” from the
laptop to the Librem5.

Adapt included paths of the file if necessary (e.g. username of path)
Copy necessary files (cert, key, …) Which are listed in the file to the exact path on the Librem5

Add the following block with the cert-password instead of xxxxxx:

Fix permissions of the file
chmod og-r “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/{Name}.nmconnection”

apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

Restart the Librem5

To start the connection enter in the terminal:
nmcli connection up “{Name}”