Warranty process for international


I’m trying to convince my company to buy me a Librem 15v3 but there are some wonders about warranty. So for a profesionnal usage.
We are located in France so if an hardware issue (including in warranty) appears what is the process ?
Should I send the laptop to US ?
Is there european partner which can deal with warranty ?
What is the average delay I’ll be without computer ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@valvin would you mind sending an email to support@puri.sm with your questions?

Thank you @joao.azevedo I get a quick answer from support even if answers don’t fit my company requirements.

So repair center is located in US only at the moment but some change are in the roadmap.

Average delay can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks without shipment delay.

Here is the RMA procedure :

RMA procedure details:

Your laptop has hardware issues and you wish to repair/replace it

  • if the issue happens within first 6 months from the moment you received your device, we will provide a return label (usually DHL)
  • this means we are paying for the shipping
  • the courier (DHL) does exporting and re-importing automatically, so you won’t have to pay the customs fees again
  • if the failure occurs after 6 months from the moment you receive your device, you have to ship us your device at your own cost, in which case you should choose a courier which does this export/re-import process automatically (DHL for example), so that you do not have to pay import customs again when we return repaired/replaced device

You are not satisfied with your device and you wish to return it

  • you must ship at your own cost
  • you must check with your customs how to do the export process so that you can have the customs fees reimbursed from your country
  • we may charge for our original shipping costs (we ship worldwide for free, but that doesn’t mean we don’t pay for that)