Was unable to dial emergency services (911)

I was t-boned in a hit-and-run… And unfortunately, I couldn’t call 911 on my L5, I had to swap my sim to my Xperia 10 iii to make that call… Every single dial to 911 went nowhere… Was I supposed to use the Emergency button on my power menu?


For those who are unfamiliar with this slang: Side collision - Wikipedia


That is a big deal and really has to be remedied by Purism. That is one of my biggest fears. The recent cellular modem discussion I have been having on this forum directly effect this post and your issue. Very sorry to hear about this.


I think @guido.gunther has been working on this, not sure if it is supposed to be working yet, but at least it is in the works.


That’s very unfortunate that happened to you and I appreciate you sharing this very important bug. I hope you are unharmed or at least recovering well.

I used to work in a social worker role for my county and I learned a couple of tips along the way in regards to calling emergency services.

  1. You can save your city/county dispatch number on your phone so you do not have to dial 9-1-1. This is actually faster than a cell phone calling 9-1-1 because when calling from a cell phone it goes to the widest net (county) first and then they transfer you to the appropriate dispatch depending on location.

  2. This one I’ve never tested, but if you do carry a spare cell phone you do not have to have an active sim card to dial 9-1-1. So long as there is signal the emergency number should go through.


I will see my dispatch number for my area, thanks.

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Another tip: If you get a new device, do a 911 test. Even some Android phones had issues where 911 didnt work.

All you have to do is call the non emergency number for the area you’re in, request to do a 911 call, tell them where you’ll be calling from, when, and what number you’ll be using.


That’s a great idea. It requires having signal with your carrier, though, which may not be available in remote locations, for example. Whereas 911 will work with any carrier’s signal that is present.


That is definitely a deal breaker, that just has to work or this phone cannot be used as a daily driver.

Honestly they should drop everything else they are doing an sort out the cellular issues with this phone because honestly that is the most important aspect of this device.


Here is an issue in Calls related to emergency calls, supposedly fixed and closed 7 months ago:

That was about making it easier to do an emerency call without having to enter pin at the lockscreen, I think.


@Skalman This is unrelated. What I looked at is dialing (and getting the right default) emergency numbers in the locked shell. Most prominent missing bit her is Add emergency numbers based on location (!705) · Merge requests · GNOME / Calls · GitLab but again: this is in no way related to dialing any emergency numbers in calls itself.

If I understand @nerd7473 correctly you dialed 911 in the calls application and that didn’t work, right? In that case this is either rooted in calls or the modem or your carrier (i.e. it might be that no calls worked at that point).

Logs of the situation would be helpful for the calls maintainers to diagnose such things.

/cc @JCS


I called my mom and dad just fine… But 911 was treated as a dropped call…


@nerd7473 thanks for confirming. Logs from that day would be good to tell if this is in gnome-calls or actually carrier related. “dropped” pretty much sounds modem/carrier related atm as e.g.when calls would reject the number you’d see a different message.


How do I get logs for just that day? dmesg?


You can do things like this:

sudo journalctl --since 2023-12-17 --until 2023-12-18

The above should give logs for 2023-12-17 (until the start of 2023-12-18 so not including 2023-12-18).

You may also want to redirect the output to a file, like this:

sudo journalctl --since 2023-12-17 --until 2023-12-18 > tmp.txt

I’ll get on that today sometime, probably on a lunch break, then get those logs to you guys. Can I specify that text document’s location?


Yes, you can give the full path to the file, for example:

sudo journalctl --since 2023-12-17 --until 2023-12-18 > /tmp/file1.txt


sudo journalctl --since 2023-12-17 --until 2023-12-18 > /home/purism/file2.txt

If you use only > tmp.txt without full path then the file will end up in the current working directory. To find out where that is, you can use the pwd command.


Even CLI haters should become familiar with I/O redirection and command pipelining because of their general applicability. That, along with the “everything is a file” principle are among the features that make UNIX like OS so flexibe,powerful, and extendable. Among other things, they allow decades old code to work in situations the original developer never anticipated.


I love CLI, I’m just not the best at it sometimes…


The point is that once you learn that a command sends its output to stdout you know what to do even if you never heard of it before and that the output of any command that writes to stdout can be redirected to anywhere you want, including commands that take their input from stdin (provided the text format is compatible).