We need a small Librem 5 (5.3" maximum)

I think many of us do not agree with the current size of the phone (5.7"). They should also create a small version (5.3" maximum).

I open a survey to see if any employee of Librem takes us into account.


I want a 6" derivative. I don’t see the point in buying a super tiny phone and then have everything on the phone also be super small. That is, of course, my particular want. Everyone has one. Some want headphone jack, others want rudimentary kill-switch, others want changeable batteries. The “needs” never end.


During the past few years I have used both 4.7" and 5.8" phones and both are fine.
Lately though I’ve tried to rely less on my phone and keep my digital activities to the computer though so currently 4.7" which I have is perfect.
Since I am looking forward to developing for the Librem 5 I like the idea of a 5.7" screen, but I also understand that there are still people who use their phone less want to have a smaller one.

To become widely successful I believe that Purism will need to have two models of different sizes to fit most peoples preferences, but they have more important priorities currently IMO so I understand that that they’re not doing that as of now.

Your question is very narrow minded, I’m sure that there’s just as many who will not buy a phone which is less than 5.5"


Privacy, security, needed applications

Screen, and other stuff could be considered on a future revisions, they explained why it’s bigger, it’s because of battery, remember purism is not google or samsung they cannot do 2 smartphone at time, they have to invest on the platform.

I prefear a smaller screen too, but have an open hardware and software phone is a must.
If this is a must for you too, order it and support them, otherwise you could just buy another phone with the desired size, but no privacy and security


I personally prefer a 5.7 but I definitely prefer Librem 5 of any size. I absolutely agree Eagle


I prefer a phone for 5" size. 5.3" is already too large for me.
However, I understand there are technical challenge and there are no open hardware in mobile space.
So, I could stick with sub-optimal experience in exchange of an open hardware.
Hopefully, they could develop a smaller sized phone in the future.


Privacy, security, needed applications, hardware open source, kill switch button, software open source.
and I do not buy it just for the size ??? are we kidding ?!


Although the screen will be large, I would like at least the total size of the phone was not so large.

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the only phone in the world with these characteristics, people who are doing a xxx as big as a house and we talk about size ?!

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I’ve been using linux since 1996 and I love open source (Stalman says you should call it free) just because it’s free and has no backdoors and no viruses. I have a personal cloud of mine specially prepared to prevent all my mails and files from being on someone’s server and that I do not know what it does to us. But I can only connect at the server with the pc with linux because I’m sure of what it does. I can not use a cell phone with Android that keeps track of everything I do and where I go and tells others what it wants. I wait for the librem for this too … to be free.
I have nothing to hide but I hate the fact that others should have access to my house whenever they want.
so … the dimensions do not interest me.


I am inclined to agree with the abovesaid

IMHO, a mobile phone should be convenient to carry ~ closer to 5"
If you want high screen resolution - you want a mobile workstation
which means - a small laptop

I think i read somewhere, that Librem 5 is intended to have an option
to connect to a larger screen via USB-3 which makes Librem 5 an optional


Who are you do decide what others want?
If it’s truly that others want no one would still sell tablets/phablets/large phones and that’s not the case.

Even though this is a nice feature, it will never be “optimal” because it’s still a phone optimized for phone use cases and will always be less powerful than an actual desktop or even a laptop.

Why not build your own then or go buy one of those other free and privacy focus phones? Oh you can’t and there isn’t any?

Geez the dev kit isn’t built yet and you’re blasting on the project because it’s not exactly what you personally want?? This is why the linux community can’t have nice things.


On april you won’t get in the size you want,
But today you can get several phones with the size you want

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I do believe that phones should be made in such way, that they fit pocket size of the user. I also prefer phones that are not higher than 14cm, which is… pretty rare these days. It seems that most people don’t think about smartphones this way.
5.7 screen may mean many things these days. Since tech has advanced forward, you can fit rather big display into smaller body. Unfortunately (for me) phone overall sizes are increasing with each year.
Having phone that’s safe but also compact would make me more interested in this project as whole.

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I brought the subject up in May of this Year.
Check out some of the responses there too. You may find some good comments there as well.


This project has been created with security and privacy in mind, in all levels.
For this reason I am willing to buy the phone, regardless of the screen size. People who need privacy, people whose future depends on privacy, will buy this phone, regardless of a little screen size dislike.

Value of life and freedom > value of having a fancy phone


I would rather have an easy screen replacement procedure then care much about the size itself.
It seems that this year alone I had to change my screen/panel 4 times.

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Agreed. I am unwilling to carry around a tablet disguised as a phone. I was going to buy this initial iteration anyway because we are all desperate for a truly privacy focused device and I want to be supportive of that effort - but now I see that the RAM spec is out and it will ship with 3GB?

That seems absurd for what amounts to a flagship phone and with what future software demands will be. 4GB should be the minimum and probably 6 or 8. Size is one thing but I am not sure I can bring myself to pay through the eye-teeth for lacking hardware too.

The samsung galaxy s9 has a larger screen with 4GB of ram. Roughly 520usd for the 64gb storage version where I saw it. It needs that ram to run the crappy samsung android. I currently use the s7 and I maybe get to use 1GB of the 4 on here for my own apps because the system is so heavy. Pretty sure I could put 3GB to better use with free linux.