What are the decryption password limitations

Are there limitations on the length of the decryption password. Can there be a mix of numbers and text?
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Mine is a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols and is 32 characters long.


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Thank you Gavaudan.

FWIW, the man page does warn you to stick to 7-bit ASCII characters, because anything else can be sensitive to the character set encoding. That is, the character set encoding may change and all of a sudden a working passphrase becomes a non-working passphrase, even though what you entered looks and is unchanged. That is, avoid any fancy Unicode and/or accented characters etc.

There may or may not be a length limitation but, at a certain point, the passphrase will have more entropy than the underlying master encryption key, which is pointless. There are also practical considerations of remembering and entering the passphrase.

It always depends on your threat model but most people will be using a passphrase that has a lot less entropy than the underlying encryption key.


Thank you very much, I appreciate your feedback!