What do I need to do to make Firefox functional?

So, I have received my Librem 5 but have yet to jump into it as of yet. Been busy with other things and determining other steps I may need to take. But I decided that I have no reason to wait any longer, so I’ll jump in… but first, I was told and have read that Firefox needs some tweaking or something in order for it to work properly. What do I then need to do?

I’ve already read about it not being 100% perfect for privacy and security and that you need to do a few things for it to be good in those areas. I should be able to surf the web to discover what I need to do for that, but making it operable I will need help… I think.

As a bonus question, can other browsers be downloaded like Brave or Tor? I found an article that talks about working apps in the Librem 5 and did not see those listed (I’d also like to try and get Signal and Telegram, if possible…?). Is that list still relevant or have there been changes?


You can use @Emma’s script from this thread:

I do not know about Brave, but Tor Browser does not support the Librem 5 just yet. Librewolf should be supported, and other browsers can be downloaded.

Relevant as of February 4th, 2024, but there are other apps not listed.


You can also check out https://linuxphoneapps.org/ for other apps that are said to be functional for Linux phones.


Hey, I just wanted to point out that my Mobile-Friendly-Firefox (FriendlyFox) project also supports Librewolf Browser. And I’ve added support for Mullvad Browser and Tor Browser for whenever they become available to arm64 devices.


Hey, may I ask, is it as simple as following the instructions given on the link you provided for downloading, or are there other steps? (I’ve only read some stuff on the main page there. I’m procrastinating because I’m not motivated to learn how to type down code if that will be necessary in order to get Firefox to work properly hehe.)


Yes, the install process is very simple, as described on the project site.

I had initially only included instructions for manual installation, but then I realized that most people would find that to be overwhelming. So I made scripts to automate the process and allow for easily switching between the different available options. And then I made a cute little icon to make it even easier, so that you don’t need to run terminal commands after the initial installation.

So yeah, all you need to do is download it using one of the listed options, and then run the install script as described. You shouldn’t need to do any fiddling at all; is should just work.

If you have any other questions or things you’d like to discuss, I might be a little delayed in my response, but I try to check the forums and my fediverse account somewhat regularly.

I hope you enjoy the project :blush:

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