What is status of the Librem Pay?

What is status of the Librem Pay?

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Well there are quite a few people involved, based on this post, but I will only mention those who have a Discourse account on the Purism community forums.

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Librem Pay is on a list of milestones but timeline of completion is currently unknown, as there’s not a designated person to carry the torch.


Sounds more like a wishlist item than a milestone item at this stage.


Alright, how can I/we get involved with contributing towards the Librem Pay project?

Currently, the best way to get formally involved with any non-trivial project (i.e. outside the realm of a MR) is to email hiring@puri.sm describing:

  • the offer to assist
  • a high-level implementation/improvement proposal
  • what skills you can provide
  • (most importantly) time and compensation expectations

Librem Pay in particular is currently a high-level concept, so there is a lot of opportunity to influence its development and drive it forward.