"What Librem 5 batch am I in?" – Purism

Looks like things are moving.


Damn, looks like I’m getting 2 Evergreens…
Order 1: Oct 6 2017
Order 2: Dec 2018

I was really hoping to have two different models to compare. Anyone feel like switching? :slight_smile:

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Most people must be in Evergreen. I ordered September 25th 2017 and just got the response.

Your estimated shipping batch:
“Evergreen” Batch - Starts March 31st

That’s really disappointing. Glad I got back into UBPorts while I wait the indefinite amount of time it will take to get the Librem 5.


I’m not a crowdfunding “backer” I guess, but I ordered a phone (in 2019). Should I have received email? Haven’t got one, unless it’s stuck in some spam folder…

I’m definitely expecting to be in Evergreen, just wondering why I didn’t get email.

Maybe you’re just in the queue. I ordered October 2017 (evergreen), and there were several people who got there email before me. I would imagine a similar delay in your case.

I ordered Oct 2017 too and just got an email telling me Evergreen.

I have mixed feelings.
Evergreen is to be the production quality run, so that’s a definitely plus, but I had already responded in August saying Aspen, Birch …, but that was before the heating issue were declared.

I guess I have more time to play with my dev-kit.

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I ordered in September 2017 and I got Evergreen as estimate. That is OK because I told them I can take a later batch although I put Aspen as first choice. But they got a lot of people wishing for the first batches although they warned that there could be problems in the prototypes.

Well, now it is clear that I can take it easy until April. Does not make much difference after waiting for two years. I am only glad that the interest is so high - even for the prototypes. In fact I feel pleased that I helped to start this project.


Likewise - early (?) backer here (2017-09-11) and I just got the Evergreen e-mail. Honestly, I’m fine with that. For obvious reasons, I’d want it to be my one and only phone. Getting the later version means that most of the bugs will have been squashed by then and that using it will therefore be a smoother experience.


no really this was a right step towards transparency which is highly appreciated. Understandably there will be frustrated people (there always are) who hoped to be better/faster/harder/scooter than others but ended up in the same bucket :slight_smile:


I ordered Sep 29 2017 and assumed I would be in one of the earlier batches as well. so much for being an early adopter.why didn’t they just tell everyone we’re getting our phones at the same time. at this point i doubt anyone other than internal people are getting one of the first revisions

Did anyone get “batch Chestnut” or “batch Dogwood”?

(I assume that anyone in Birch would already have been contacted about getting an actual phone.)


Yes, it looks like at least one person on reddit reports being in Chestnut:

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I ordered october 2017 and Evergreen. maybe they want to make sure everything works. Personally I don’t create problems. Only 4 months left :slight_smile:


A pity that person didn’t say what date in September 2017 he or she ordered.

You can see that @TungstenFilament above ordered on the 11th and that was not early enough to be anything except Evergreen.

I guess that the rate of orders was really ramping up during September 2017 as word spread organically throughout the globe.

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Do you honestly feel you will use this as your daily driver? Have you used any of the other Linux phones before? I’m not trying to say the L5 will be bad or anything but I have had the feeling for a long time that there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. Many because they had unrealistic app expectations but even thinking this will be a daily driver seems overly optimistic.


Two weeks ago, my ADHD self wouldn’t have agreed (rolling release seemed fine to me then. “Yeaaah, I can do it! I’ll figure it out!!”) but after struggling the last little while just trying to figure pinning a retro qemu package that has gtk on ye olde dell…yeah, I kinda see the wisdom. Rather, I definitely do see the wisdom.

I’m super happy they sent the emails because I’ve been in a state of “why won’t he call they email?!” angsty angst too. Thanks for that Purism :slight_smile:


depends what you need it to drive daily i guess … for pre 2018 backers i suspect this won’t be such a concern …


We can speculate endlessly - or we can answer when we have the phone.

In my case, this is my intention. The eyePhone goes in the drawer, never to be used again.

I know that there will be some missing functionality at Day 1 - and undoubtedly some bugs. That goes with backing the development of a new phone from scratch.


I’ve used my jolla as a daily driver for 4 years (till its battery started giving up) and never had any problems with that.
Edit: for 5 actually, was shipped in 2013 and I’ve put it on the table (on permanent charger) a year ago.

I am estimated for Chestnut batch. I ordered on Sept 8, 2017. In the original batch selection email I requested Aspen, Birch, Chestnut. In that order.