"What Librem 5 batch am I in?" – Purism

Where did you read this? It wouldn’t make sense.

Hm don’t find it - probably misinterpreted something there.

The only sentence I found was saying
“We will use your preferences along with your priority and place in the order queue to determine which batch to assign you. Once we have assigned your order to a batch we will follow up with you to select the modem and power supply you would like and to confirm the correct shipping address.”

If I take it literally the algorithm described in the text means that without any response the queues are empty and are filled by entrance of the responses… This means however that first responses have higher chances in being in a limited batch (all apart from E)

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As I understand it, they rank people in the order of receipt of orders to fill batches and after they update ranking to match preferences if possible.

There’s something weird about this. Ordered on August 31, 2017. I’m in Evergreen! Maybe the firsts batches are shipped in USA only?


I’m in Chestnut (ordered August 29, 2017) and in Evergreen (ordered October 20, 2017).
I’m located in Europe.

that is an interesting idea, so:
myself, Sept 15, Germany -> Evergreen
TungstenFilament, Sept 11, Britain (if I remember correctly from an other thread) -> Evergreen
@SteveC and @FamousJameous where are you from?

Hi ruff, just FYI: I also have two Jolla1 phones that are still in use. I got fresh batteries from Jubatec [1]
for 15 EUR IIRC.

[1] https://www.jubatec.net/handyakkus/jolla/

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Me, Aug 31, Italy -> Evergreen

An hypothesis, formulated on the forum, was that not the order date witch is take into account but payment date.

I’m in the USA. So maybe fiacco is right.

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Evergreen. Though since I ordered March 2019, it is what I expected.

tommes asked where I’m from.

Colorado, USA.

This is possible with AIDE on android.

It’s just more evident that there is not much confidence in performance of earlier batches and that evergreen is what they want to be in consumers hands.
This was expected, after disclosed design and hardware issues recently.

There’s another report on the Maemo forums of someone in Chestnut here: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1561972#post1561972. It is the same date and choices that @FamousJameous made, but I’m guessing that it isn’t the same person :wink:

Got my evergreen confirmation today; estimated shipping ~March 31, 2020.

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From Purism’s previous messaging I’m guessing they wanted the community to be part of the testing throughout the different batches but the regulators have a different answer. A consumer device with a radio connecting to a telco’s network needs to be heavily tested in each country (and provider?). The worst outcome would have been 100’s or 1000’s of phones to be shipped globally and no one is allowed to connect it to any of the telcos’ networks. Adding the heating issue the early batches are heavily reduced (to USA only and type of customer?). At least all the batches were not just pushed backed.


Got my batch allocation email evergreen tards we ride!!! huzzahhh !!


Hi. Please tell me: what phone did you get to install UBT? I need to make that move but I am not sure what to get. I am in the USA.

Purism notified me that I’m estimated to be in the Chestnut batch. (I had requested Aspen-Birch-Chestnut.)
I pledged about 2 weeks into the campaign in 2017, and believe I fall somewhere between numbers 300 and 350, based on the date of my original confirmation email and the saved campaign pages at web.archive.org, which show the pledge numbers from those snapshots.
I haven’t decided whether I will defer to a later batch or not, given recent information from Purism about the first batches.

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