What was happened? Why is so bad!

I got Librem5 Evergreen in 2023 and I am totally disappointed.

You notice in 2019 that is problem with overheating. You did nothing. 60 Celsius degree with 23% battery capacity.
GPS is not working. Sometimes i am on Pacyfic ocean sometimes I am in Oslo.

Short time on battery. Even if I turned off gps, Wifi, Mobile internet, Blutooth. it is only few hours.
I have old huawei with ulta power saving mode and it work more then 7 days.

Because of high temperature i cant charge by night. When I begun morning phone is useless by charging time because is burning fingers.

Camera - is making the worst picture on the world.

Back case - creaks with every touch. i had to use masking tape, because it is annoying.

And on the end… Why we can not create users? Os is totaly blocked. I expected use your linux.

Yes 7 day, but it tracking you every day more over you do not the owner of you phone even if you buyed.

L5 is the best TRUE gnu+lnx phone in world, so you need update all firmware and driver to get working very good, also there is a huge huge,huge improving coming up in PureOS Octarine.

Just do not compare L5 with a conventional/android/apple phones.

As i said just update all firmwares and driver and OS.

Again do not compare with conventional phones cameras, L5 it just PURE gnu+lnx things but a plus a huge improvement for camera coming up.

Mine do not creaks, but also evergreen batch does not final batch, but Fir.


Going by my own L5, I find it a bit strange yours gets so hot. Mine never gets warmer than 40C or so… Are you in the tropics?

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That’s what I’m saying I get a good 10 hours of battery life with mine… no overheat…os is really stable…camera I understand but every linux distro has poor camera optimization…you need to update

What did you expect? Android has over 15 years development time and is made by huge teams. Purism is a little team that works for ~3,5 years on its Software. Of course it is worse in typical smartphone functionality, but it is also better in so many other aspects. I thought backer would know where they invest their money.

My phone still makes much worse pictures.

People who read forum from time to time know it and also know that huge improvements are close to release. But still don’t expect 7 days. The phone (hardware) is not designed to save as much energy as possible, but to prevent your phone from being hijacked by modem etc. That comes with few downsides like size or energy consumption.

Librem 5 will get better over time with more updates etc. But don’t expect Android usability experience soon. It’s just the beginning of an era with all that issues a new way will have.


For pictures, make sure to adjust ‘gain’ and ‘exposure’ for your lighting conditions, assuming you are using the preinstalled camera app.

I’ve gotten some good pictures, but it takes more effort than my iPhone. The iPhone basically is just point-and-click.


Try checking usage app (or ssh with top running)
If ur phone is always hot, sounds like something is running infinitely.
When I added matrix to chatty it would keep CPU usage at 100% and phone would gets hot (less battery life), currently I’m not using chatty for matrix.

My expectation from phone is/was same (if I really have to compare) as very 1st generation of Android / iPhone and as of now Librem5 has been much better than those.

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Temperature might make sense here, you have Location, Wifi, 4G, and Bluetooth running at below say 20% Battery with the phone charging, mine can get pretty hot when charging too. But at 100% battery unplugged from charger temp and no continuous processes running it should could be around 45degC. Frequent usage i get about 6hours of life out of the battery, that is with Wifi off, Bluetooth off, and Location services off, to give you an idea. (Some people report 10hours, my phone is not able to pull it off so maybe differences in hardware):

4G, OpenVPN, Wifi-off, Camera-Off, Location-Off, Auto Rotate - Off, Gnome Usage Htop shows about ~8% CPU Usage continuous, off charger;

Mostly idling (~15min) with screen on constantly (80% brightness), Gnome Usage app showing, no other apps running in background: ~50degC roughly

Continuously video stream with Freetube (480K) showing on fullscreen with screen on constantly (80% brightness), 80% volume, Gnome Usage app running in background: ~52-54degC roughly, (HTOP shows related continuous CPU usage of ~50% for one process and 2-4 other processes of 8-10% related to Freetube);

I think the 5degC are generated just by the Gnome Usage app not being very efficient. When i have the phone idle for 15min and just briefly open and close gnome usage to look at the temperature it hovers around 43-45degC. That is why i am using suspend at all times.

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My phone idles at 30°C right now, with modem and wifi both on and no suspend. 45°C is fine when under prolonged active use, otherwise it’s much higher than expected.

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Same here.

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I usually create users using shell commands. That worked fine for me on the Librem 5, and basically the same as other similar distros (Debian family) on other Linux computers (desktop, laptop, VPS, Pi, …).

For your more general point … yes, there is plenty of work still to do. Patience is a virtue!

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I put mine on a coffee coaster. Usually made out of wood, cork, ceramic.

Not intended to be fireproof, but keeps furniture from getting harmed from heat.

(The L5 also doubles as a coffee cup warmer.)

The L5 was the first and purism build a lot of software for the ecosystem of linux phones. But pine64 with the cheap pinephne created a the possibility of many users, enthusiats and developers contribute in a way to make it better much faster than the L5. I have both and I prefer to use the pinephone, also for the fact that it works greeat with arch, mobian and pmos. And has the firmware of biktor which makes te modem run colder.
Imo the problem of the librem 5 and purism harware in general is the price of products, it blocks many people that would contribute to make the software much better.


With all antenna’s up and running (playing music over bt, streamed from either sd or over wifi), while posting here:
40°C on average.
Not the burning phone it once was.

Let’s not forget the survival aspects driving in winter.

Keeping the system updated also helps. it may sound crazy, but a friend of mine got the phone a year ago, it was running very hot like 60°, I got it into my hands, ran sudo apt update and to my surprise there was around 170 packeges to be upgraded lol. After upgrading them all 40° at same conditions…a minimum knowledge of linux is requied, it’s not an iphone.


Although it’s trivial to get updates from the PureOS store app, and should be familiar to users of modern smartphones.

And when PureOS Store / GNOME Software someday enables a usual bugfree experience it should be even better!

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I check for updates multiple times a day. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to check out all the improvements the team makes.
What I also do, is chuck out all software and dependencies I don’t like or need. Don’t know whether that does anything to keep the temperature down, but it keeps the L5 lean and mean.

For instance: I had three browsers installed in order to compare them: Firefox, Gnome Web and Angelfish.
Turns out Angelfish offers all functionality I need, like banking through the browser, adding webapps to the desktop and switching between mobile and desktop views. So, no need to keep all three: uninstall and autoremove…

Oh, and Bleachbit does a very good job removing all sorts of dross. Careful though, you can overdo it.

That’s a competition you cannot win - obviously. As a consequence, Purisms target is a niche. The L5 offers something specific to that niche, which comes with a lot of sacrifice. One question is if that niche is big enough to be profitable.

Because of the huge sacrifice in comparison to regular smartphones, you really have to put a lot of meaning into the specifics of the niche product to prefer it over the alternative.