When is Crimson coming?

I know, I know. Be patient. Well I don’t want to. Plus, this is a forum. So, what are the estimates on when Crimson shall be given to the crying masses?

(The Librem 5 is awesome. Thanks Purism!)


I don’t know the answer but there is a “crimson” label on some issues here:

Currently 21 “crimson”-labeled issues, of which 18 open and 3 closed. Perhaps if we follow that over time to see a trend, and then extrapolate? :slight_smile:


Mr. Spock, your logic is getting in the way of perfectly good angst, wishful thinking and loaded expectations :vulcan_salute:


When the Tide comes in?

(Sorry reference to a not-so-good submarine movie.)


There was a Robert Fripp quote I remember reading once but cannot find now - King Crimson will exist when the universe dictates that King Crimson should exist" (I am surely misquoting)

Do’h, wrong Crimson!

PureOS Crimson has in the “when it’s ready” phase for a while now. The recent slow down in packages going to byzantium is a good indicator of progress to me though. If devs aren’t spending time backporting packages, that means their energy is directed towards the new release.

I’m optimistic it will be this year, anyways :).


I wasn’t looking for it but I must say that I am satisfied with the Robert Fripp reference.

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Bad joke but its my favorite band and its what I think of whenever Crimson comes up.

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Then, in the interests of avoiding confusion for you, the D-colour release can’t come soon enough. :wink:

Perhaps Purism will continue the confusion by going with Deep Forest Green or Deep Purple or Diesel.


“Dun” is a good color, rhymes with done.


According to this post:

The Librem 11 will be the first device delivered with Crimson by default. It is said to be available in about two weeks.

→ Crimson is ready soon?

Or the Librem 11 will be shipped with a testing build in order to support the new hardware?


There’s still more work needed to make crimson work well on other hardware (especially Librem 5), so in a way, yes.


Crazy Ivan?


Different movie, but within the party’s 5 year plan.

The other item I was wondering, if all the apps (e.g. “chatty”…) are built with crimson and related packages in mind, does that mean all updates for Byzantium based apps from Purism are on freeze, or will all the changes be backported in tandem?

Raspberry Pi finally released Bookworm-based Raspi OS… Not that I want to rush anyone but it made me a tiny bit impatient haha


It seems many apps are the flatpak versions of purism, so not from the debian or purism repos.

There have not been any updates using apt in the last couple of days: Is this a sign that Crimson might be on it’s way soonish? (One can hope :grin:)

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I still think we have a little while to wait for crimson (hope I’m wrong) but I do think the slow down in updates in byzantium is because the team is focused on packaging for crimson instead.


Exactly. Purism understands the importance of the update and is trying very hard to properly roll this out. Byzantium still gets some attention, but the focus is on Crimson.


I’m waiting for Crimson in hopes it makes my modem functional again. Hopefully it isn’t too much longer, I miss using it as my daily.