When will librem 5 start shipping?


I had meant if they had other options most require clarification concerning what they mean. A name tells me nothing. Perhaps the information is given at the decision time. Doesn’t that put the purchaser at the disadvantage of having limited time to review and research if questions are not answered and concerns come up?


I would suggest you to get something like a Pixel 3a ($400 new) and have it as a reliable phone on you. Which btw makes great photos - as good as a 1k iPhone. This L5 phone, might turn out to be great right out of box but you have to be prepared that it may need some time for ironing out some issues, just like any all new phone. So, gotta a have reliable alternative in your pocket.


Thanx. BTW Planet Computing may well be a company as small as Librem. if not smaller. but they did respond much faster. If only the product was more polished. I will tell about the Librem 5 on its receipt. At least the Librem 13 and Librem 15 have shown themselves to be quite well received and that is the plus that I do grant them. I again do thank you.


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Get a hold there. Be patient!


That’s something I agree with. This whole development hasn’t been done - communicated well in marketing terms. Here is something to keep in mind - making a phone from a scratch (hardware & software) is something that only Apple can do comfortably. How many OEMs are out there, trying to do the same ? Google dared just a few years ago. You need a lot of resources to deliver a fine product like smartphone. Even though they had some experience with Laptops , this was a way bigger animal. I think, they ran into many unforeseen bumps and obstacles in the process and didn’t know how to handle PR - meeting goals , etc.


What I’m gonna do is I’ll have it delivered and see if I have a decent signal strength and reliable -steady connectivity on my network. If not, I’ll sell it at the price I paid - 600. I can’t afford to have to have expensive toys around.


I can understand that! Believe me, very little is as complicated as much as is the Human Body. I had to clean up messes made by my colleagues at times. Some few times, hopefully much fewer, I had to clear up my own. When I made a mistake, and those times I was following in the wake of the mistakes of others, I was as up front as possible as as quickly as I could do so! The best way of handling errors or the mistakes of others is to own up and quickly! Examples included a diagnosis of a Gastric Cancer from endoscopy with Pathology read incorrectly. On a second opinion, the diagnosis was gastric ulcer with inflammation. Surgery for the cancer was cancelled on the morning of the procedure. The patient had committed to the diagnosis by then. What a shit show! The surgeon thought the patient should be delighted at the quick turnabout. If I were the patient, I would be distrustful and furious. And my ability to prevent this: nil. A long face-to-face chat and absorbing grief not really of my making was needed and granted. I state all of this because the communication is important, especially for the glitches!


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I strongly suggest you, to be on the safe side, to send an email to ops@puri.sm with the new address; I did that, and they updated my order address (I moved home as well in the meantime, 2 times actually). Better safe than sorry


I have am currently running /e/ on a Moto G4 Play, and I can vouch for the stability and general quality of that option. I write about it more detail in this thread.


Staff has already confirmed that we will be asked for modem options and address changes.
I’d rather wait for that, as this will possibly be a web form that you’ll HAVE to complete before shipment anyway.

Directly contacting them just adds additional workload with a chance of messing up (manual process) and will not make the process smoother.
The one thing they currently don’t need is thousands of emails to be processed manually.


I would have loved my house coming with a free GNU/Linux phone. Alas, I have yet to receive the first such phone since I last moved long ago. I guess that the previous owners where stingy. Do not be like them and just let your address remain the same! The spirit of Librem is to give LIBRally-EM (heh).


Often the only thing that Purism can say is something like “we are working on it or we are evaluated the options, but we can’t promise anything at this time.” These kinds of announcements do little to help people make a decision whether to preorder the Librem 5 or cancel their existing order, so it is often better to simply say nothing.

I would like to get more updates telling me about each problem Purism has encountered and what they are trying to do to find a workaround. Unfortunately, Purism has to worry about people canceling their orders, and people taking the tiniest setback and blowing it out of proportion. A lot of people will turn to social media and start announcing that Purism is failing as a company because they have such-and-such a problem and the Librem 5 will never see the light of day.

As much as I would love to be getting day-by-day updates on the internal decisions at Purism, I also understand the kinds of problems that can arise if Purism tells us what they are thinking at this moment, and then finances, time constraints, technical difficulties, ergonomics, design strategy, etc. cause them to change their minds in the future.

My hope is that in a couple years time, there will no longer be any financial pressure, and Purism employees will feel free to talk about why certain decisions were made and what problems they encountered.

If you watch the source code that is getting posted and run the software in Qemu, plus look at Purism’s commits to other projects, you can figure out a lot about how the project is advancing. I’m delighted by how open Purism is being in the development of the Librem5, but most people don’t have the technical ability to appreciate how much information Purism is releasing.


Hopefully this subthread can end here. What I wanted was the difference to the user of the two modem choices, that being Gemalto versus Broadmi. The former has some documentation and the latter nearly nil. If I chose a manual or an automatic transmission in a car or to have a larger versus a smaller motor or have the option to get some side by side versus a lower freezer on a refrigerator freezer, all of these can be interpreted in some familiar manner.
If the people at Librem are offering a modem choice is it neutral, just style preference for something made by a Netherlands firm (manufactured in China anyway perhaps?) or by a Chinese firm? Why is the option given and what does that mean to me? I see no clarity and clarity before the point makes some decision easier to research further-perhaps.


The challenge for Purism is finding a cellular baseband that doesn’t require binary blobs in U-Boot and the Linux kernel and is available on an M.2 card. It found the Gemalto PLS8, but it is doesn’t support a lot of LTE frequency bands, especially the newer TDD bands, so Purism kept evaluating other options, until it announced the BroadMobi BM818.

You can look at the LTE frequency bands that are used in your region and decide which modem to buy. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where both the PLS8 and BM818 support the bands used by your cellular carrier, then there is the secondary concern that some people have about using a cellular baseband chip from a Chinese company, due to fears about spying by the Chinese government. In that case, choose the PLS8. On the other hand, the TDD bands probably have a better long-term future, since they use less frequency range, so if future compatibility is your concern, it is better to choose the BM818.

If your concern is performance, energy consumption, or the quality of the USB drivers, I don’t think that we have enough information to judge and we will have to wait until the Librem 5 is released to test it. I personally would choose the PLS8 simply because it has better documentation. Maybe a Purism employee can give us some hints, but I would expect that both chips will work according to their specs, since Purism is working with the manufacturers, so we should get decent drivers. Do you have a particular concern?


One other thing to add. Gemalto is a company based on making secure products and its company slogan is “security to be free,” so the Gemalto cellular baseband is the one to choose if you care deeply about security. I personally am not worried about using a BroadMobi chip, but Gemalto’s brand reputation rests on protecting people’s security, so it is the chip to choose if that is your primary concern.

If your primary concern is the environmental impact of fabricating new electronics, the BroadMobi chip is probably a better choice since it is more future compatible, but that totally depends on what LTE bands will be used in the future in your region.


Now owned by Thales Group, a French company.

and uses the right pins on the M.2 interface, and has support for Linux at all.

In my area the Gemalto PLS8 would be absolutely 100% secure - because in practice it wouldn’t be usable i.e. insufficient LTE band support. Noone ever surveilled a phone that is unable to communicate. :frowning: So at the current time for me it’s Broadmobi or nothin’.


Corporate fiscal periods are dependent on when the business originated and has nothing to do with the U.S. fiscal calendar. (The U.S. uses September because that was the month when the Constitution was adopted in 1787.) So if the Puri.sm folks got their business license or incorporated in say … “May” (of any year), their 3rd quarter would be in November.

Just saying.