Where in the world are all these Librem 5 s going?


California for me, at least for now (I’m not sure if I will move by the time mine is shipped).


Agreed, I don’t see it as a privacy issue either.

I do see it as something that would gain more negative visibility than provide positive benefit; “oh looked they’re tracking and storing your information just like everyone else” then the attempts to explain the difference and drama ensues, with the benefit being to appease the curious?


If someone orders that much of dead parcels… Well, thanks for donations :smiley:


Sweden :sweden: :slight_smile:


USA ovah heaaaaaaaaaa


Only if no return receipt requested, (and if in U.S. it has a zip-code).


United States, Great Lakes region :slight_smile:


Purism doesn’t need to use IP addresses as they have delivery addresses which are way more precise and (more often than not) a bit more resistant to proxies. But i personally don’t see any benefit in this type of information officially released. The thread here is sufficient to get the impression on diversity.


Clearly, you have a Dutch name.


California Republic :slight_smile:


Ha, you beat me to it! I was going to create a thread exactly like this. Even titled very similarly. :smile:
Other than curiosity, I was also wondering which countries I should make a priority to do for the carrier compatibility thread I started.

Australia here. :australia:


Cool, look forward to viewing it! Personally, I was curious as to how many fellow Canadians were expecting one …HA HA! and what the likelihood of sliding past CBSA duty was :wink:


Portugal here! :portugal:


Send to “General Delivery”, no? I forget what it is called outside the USA.


Czechia :czech_republic: But waiting for smaller librem 5 (hopefully will come)


Same in U.S. but that requires picking it up at the postal office and a clerk has to retrieve it.


General delivery also usually requires some form of ID check, don’t think they record it in most places, but it isn’t exactly anonymous, especially for those of us in small towns who know the local postmaster…


:switzerland: here…


Mine will be delivered to the US and then smuggled to Bolivia.
I just need to find someone who will be my smuggler!


Just give 50 bucks to a pilot and he will carry it as his own :slight_smile: