Where in the world are all these Librem 5 s going?


Italy :it: :slight_smile: (blablablablablabla)


mine is heading to :australia: - specifically Perth Western Australia


Spain, and waiting impatiently…


Dutchie here! :slight_smile: :netherlands:


Germany again ! :sunglasses:


Denmark and the best part odense


:us: Mine will be going to the US


Adelaide, The Land Down Under :australia::+1:


I’m worried that he might fall in love with it and never deliver it!
Everyone who I talk to about the Librem 5 tells me how much they want the phone.


Who said he would know what kind of the phone he is carrying ? :slight_smile:
Get some ugly / funny skin decals to slap on the phone (preferably Android ) or a case of the same sort. Say it’s a brand new phone, so they don’t dare to play with it.
The box with paperwork, you can ship without worrying about custom fees :slight_smile:


Full time Yackandandah/Melbourne, :australia:

And for some time of the year Trento, :it:


Glad to know I won’t be the only one!


I believe this desire will fade as soon as they have the chance to put their hand on it… Unless they are massive nerds like many of us, of course…

  • privacy? No Google? :white_check_mark:
  • updates for more than two years? :white_check_mark:
  • no stupid ads in the weather app? :white_check_mark:

You don’t need to be a nerd to appreciate that. Not everybody does, but the number is growing.


Actually, I’m what’s traditionally considered the opposite of a nerd and predict many more like me will be very interested in the Librem 5 as it receives more attention because; The answer to the question “Who watches the watchers?” is freaking everyone!


The average people doesn’t care about Google, in opposite they want maps, gmail, millions of apps, and, after all, what they have to hide? That’s the main reason because Librem 5 is an extremely restricted niche. Let’s be honest, this phone is not for the masses!


I wrote “many of us” for this same reason


You’re not really making a counter argument. I said

If we have 95% indifferent, average people (“the masses”) and 1% geeks, that leaves us with 4% ordinary, concerned people who can be interested. Tell those about this phone. Not those that think a stereo cam and 4k screens are a “must have”.


Germany agaain. I have the feeling that there is quite a nice community for Librem 5 phones here. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but you also wrote…

I am average people. I am the masses. I’m guessing there are others on this very forum who are too as I sit here goofing off at work watching a pigeon walk around in circles on cctv over the top of my lappy.

Oh great, now 'everyday people" by sly and the family stone is going through my head