Where in the world are all these Librem 5 s going?


I’m in Connecticut. Hopefully, it won’t come while I’m visiting the Azores :slight_smile:


I prefer https://www.deepl.com/translator


thank you for the link - but it seems like it can’t translate a whole webpage like the gtranslator?


The Librem 5 also has great repairability + upgradability, and great open driver support. My current phone (OnePlus One) is already pretty good on user control and ports of other operating systems (therefore qualifying for the above), but what it does not have is an easily replacable battery, modem, or WiFi card, nor full feature support in alternative operating systems like PostmarketOS.


You are being optimistic! According to Gartner’s projections for 2019 smartphone sales, 0.001% of the market means that Purism will sell 15178 phones over the next year.

From the comments, it looks like just about everyone buying the phone is either from North America or Europe. I’m going to give a talk about the Librem 5 at a Linux conference in Bolivia this weekend, so maybe I can increase the number of orders from South America. :slight_smile:

Anyone ordering the librem 5 from Asia or Africa?


For Asian market, L5 lacks most of the languages.


If the blogger is fully in control of the hosting environment then getting rid of the cookies period is a good option.

If the blogger has limited control of the hosting environment then no change may be readily possible.

I am not a lawyer, least of all specialising in the GDPR, but depending on how the cookies are used, the cookie banner may not be required.

First of all therefore the blogger needs to answer for how and why cookies are used (including the possibility that the blogger does not know). Where cookies are effectively unavoidable, any privacy-respecting site will give good answers for those questions. Whether you trust the site’s answers (in the general case) is another question.


Not everyone in Asia is a native, but all that does is only indicate a very small pool of potential buyers at this point in time .

The biggest blocker is LTE band support. I’m in Japan and for either the Gemalto or the Broadmobi Europe version, there are at most two bands supported in the carriers here. The American versions have zero support. Hoping the Broadmobi T1 will be available a that has better worldwide support.

I ordered one regardless and will figure out ways to use it!


What bands are you after? Have you looked at the PLS8-J? While Purism hasn’t put it up as an option as far as I know, it looks as if it is intended for Japan.


Ah, i wasn’t aware at all the PLS8-J existed. So within the bounds of what Purism has been offering so far, I chose the European version. When Broadmobi was announced and it wasn’t yet announced which ones Purism had chosen I saw that the Broadmobi T1 was best…

And now I guess I’ll have to look at the PLS8-J as well and how it could be acquired…



What bands are you after?

My understanding - disclaimers apply - is that the Gemalto device normally comes in BGA format and that Purism is having that custom converted to an M.2 card (or is doing that itself). If that is correct then your only option to try the PLS8-J might be through Purism unless you have very specific, very helpful industry contacts.


Ah good point.

I’ve compiled all bands for the JP carriers and PLS8-e/us and Broadmobi e1/a1 compatibility here:

The other thing I haven’t fully looked at is which of these options also allows greater compatibility when traveling…


Maybe update that table for the PLS8-J and the BM818-T1 even though neither is currently officially available.

At a quick look, things don’t look great in Japan with either of those hypothetical additional options.


A good point.

It should be straightforward, though, for someone who speaks Indonesian to add support for that language as it uses the Latin alphabet with no diacritics, and Indonesia is (potentially at least) a sizeable market.


IPs are the wrong tool to use for this.
I doubt Purism even keeps IP addresses as they would upset communities like PTIO.

The ideal solution is just to take the last bit of each address (also known as the country) and then build your fancy histogram.

P.S.: Proxies also exist

@licryco @joao.azevedo

This is a good marketing strategy even if it isn’t super-useful for end users.


The only reason I posted was I wanted a gist of how many other Canadians ordered and what my chances of getting pegged by CBSA was. As it stands now, I’ve got cash set aside next to my apartment front door because I don’t use a bank card and I may be asked for duty upon delivery (if I can’t flex post and pay the postie).

I think that’s a good point but I think it should be strictly voluntary. Purism could easily work out what percentage of buyers voluntarily offer that information. I think it would be fine as long as that percentage was noted for a little map or something that’s also updated with which local carrier is used as people get their phones.


:uk: The UK

It’s a pity this thread didn’t have a poll, but I suppose it would be a bit much to list every single country as an option to vote for.