Where in the world are all these Librem 5 s going?


We are talking about 0.001% (or less) of the total here… But I agree: I really hope that the number eventually grow, but for example, I know no one that could even remotely be interested in this phone. I’m alone among my friends, here in Australia and back in Italy.


I mean average as the majority. I talk only about 99.9999% of the total, that’s what I mean


ah :slight_smile: Well, just for now hopefully.


Italy , Trento :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Trento, really??? :joy:

That’s funny


Yes I read that you move between Melbourne (amazing place) and Trento :smiley:


Let’s just tell all the people!

How about we each do an unboxing video (just hands and graphical text if not wanting to be on camera) in our own respective languages as they arrive? There’s mediagoblin (really easy to set up, I had an instance once), peertube, etc. etc. instead of youtube


I’m in Yackandandah, VIC at the moment, but I’m originary from Trento. Good on you!


:canada: QC, Canada :cowboy_hat_face:


the “mases” can decide for themselves after they see a good in-depth review.

my filters are - 20 mins in length and up - at least 1080p AV 30fps - pertains to current batch - the rest is just click bait :wink:


I’m going to order it to Russia


…As the nickname clearly says :wink:


Hi there,
Germany again, near Kaiserslautern :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try to create my own homepage with my experiences. More news as soon I got my Librem5:


mainly human from planet earth, but the librem 5’s going to germany :de:, too :wink:


Cool! I can’t understand German myself but I’m sure those who do will enjoy it :slight_smile:


Cool! Without cookie banner: would be even coolor (especially promoting privacy).


Better make that … without cookies: would be even cooler.

If you have cookies, the cookie banner may be a requirement of EU GDPR i.e. a legal requirement.

So best to avoid cookies completely but maybe that is not possible, or difficult, because it is built using someone else’s software.

Something for @speedy-10 to answer.


you could try translate.google.com - if somebody knows a better url, please let us know.


if all cookies are volatile - they can be replaced by ssl session id and keep the state at the server. Just saying. :expressionless:


In Russia, they order it to you.