Why Purism is the shittest company ever and why they deleted my previous topic? Please share before it will be deleted

I have place an order for Librem 14 on 14th November 2020. From that times my problems began. I am pretty aware of pre-order staff and therefore please do not try to explain it to me. Keep it to yourself. As a future product owner I was thoroughly following the Purism news, especially the ones in regard of Librem 14 and its shipping/delivery dates. Each time when the company announcing that they have some problems due to global chip shortages, shipping and other problems I was accepting it with some understanding. But when I realized that this game is going to take too much water (or other liquid), I decided to ask the company officially about the status of my order and when to expect it. Starting from my first emails company representatives (especially Mladen Pejakovic) were promising to ship my order in some N weeks (N here is an integer N>1). When I was coming back N weeks later this time was prolonging to some Y weeks (Y here is an integer Y>1). I do not want to take much of your time with this story but at the end I have decided to cancel my order and ask for a refund. Seems that they do not like when people start to realize that company is deep in the shit whereas trying to hide this. Already a few months each week I am writing emails to purism for shipping my order (and/or cancel my order and return my money), last times I am writing each day. And you know what happened? They do not answer to my emails. Taking into account that I have put almost everyone in the list whose email I could find from the company and still I do not get answers it looks to me that my account was added to the blacklist. I do not think this is a good idea for them, because I will go with other email adress. Thanks to internet we have a few million domain names possibilities. I do not think the regexp also will help them to put my future randomly created email accounts into the blacklist because regexp can not fight against the randomizer. Still if that will not work, I could go in public. For the moment I have decided to share the information here on their forum, which of course I am pretty sure is under Purism control and they can always delete/ban my comment.
Still, I am not sure what kind of work you are doing there in Purism. but:

  • Cancel my oder
  • Return my money
  • Do not try to make me some explanation in regards of shipping/shortage and other problems
  • If you have problems solve it yourself, but keep your promises.
  • I do not care what kind of problem you have
  • Again, I DO NOT CARE (READ AT LEAST 5 TIMES in order to understand)
  • I made a mistake (I acknowledge it) ordering Purism laptop
  • Fix your problems yourself, do not transfer them to me
  • If you have shipping problems —> fire off your logistics manager
  • If you have logistics problems —> find other solutions
  • If you have logistics problems —> find another manager
  • If you have logistics problems —> find other routes (plane, train, ship, car, walk and bring it yourself)
  • I DO NOT CARE, what kind of problems you have
  • Keep your promises. Deliver your product or fuck-off.
  • Return my money
  • TRUST is in the first place. I do not trust purism.
  • I hate Purism.

PS. The next I will go to Reddit.

No regards.

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I’m not sure what the age of consent is to legally register an account here but you strike me as an immature, egoistic, noisy child.


Why to keep it clean? What is the reason for that? Do you believe that this is the way the Purism understands it? I wrote tons of emails to them (literally) and still I am ignored? Why? Because I kept it clean? Because I paid for their (mis)product, (mis)management? Why should I care of this? Why?

As a kindness to us other forum members…?


Are you feeling bad of truth or ashamed? What are you feelings when I am talking in a such way? What is the problem?

It’s inappropriate language and against the rules of the forum.

Just ignore the words you do not like or use Facebook.

and yes instead of pointing me how to write the comments sometimes ask Purism why are they deleting the comments, even those which does not contain any inappropriate language. Ask them why are they behaving like Facebook @amarok ?

Which your comments were deleted? In this thread they were hidden because the community flagged them. No action by Purism is necessary for that.

I think the reason your posts are getting deleted is because you’re consistently breaking the rules.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with these rage-filled diatribes?

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Which rules are broken by me, please write down them?
Which rules are broken by Purism, write down them as well?
Lets compare. OK @themaskjester, @fsflover?

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I also HATE Purism SooooOOooo much because:

  • They didn’t cure cancer
  • They didn’t solved world hunger
  • They didn’t sent me super-powers with my orders

I think I’m going to post that on myspace if they don’t solve everything next week !

:clown_face: :earth_americas:


It is clear that these posts will continue to come everybody. Sure, the OP probably was over the top, but they will continue.

Unless I am wrong, the crucial thing now is the resumption of L5 production in October. Purism has been silent on that so I hope that its all ok. Seriously, if that date is pushed back (regardless of reasons) and Purism don’t say anything about it there are going to be a lot more of these posts.
The track record of poor communication is adding to this maelstrom. I just hope that the planned recommencement of the L5 goes as stated. I would have thought that an update on this by now would have been prudent. There are a LOT of apprehensive people here.


Purism now has every reason to keep your money and not to deliver their goods to you since you insulted them in any possible way which is reputation-damaging and accusations of untrue things.

I, for my part, will file a lawsuit against you since its Defamation and I have your post and its replies uncensored in my email client.

My lawyer will be in touch with you per PM within the next few days.

Please let’s stop feeding the flame war. There’s little new or informative stuff in the last bunch of posts.


With all respect to author of this thread.

Know your rights.
nothing stops you from issuing “charge back” procedure in your bank to get money back.
FYI: charge back is part of Card Companies policy to protect users from scam.
when you open it, it will be a purism problem to prove that they fulfill order, otherwise guilty as charged.
you will get your money.

however spamming forums with frustration… it’s not an way of solving things.
i agree that purism shop terms and conditions are not fully OK, especially in context of order cancellation, however you clicked agree on them, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to make order.

i was in similar position like you some time ago - ordered in march 2020 , and opened refund request, but i decided to wait for my order be ready to ship and then resign…
i changed my mind in a moment when got notification that my L14 is ready.
And today after a month with that laptop i can say it was worth wait.

anyway. oyu have to understand purism is a small company made mostly by technology and privacy enthusiasts. they don’t have resources like dell/apple to press suppliers - no laverage point.
ask your self a questions - how many units can be in batch? 1k? maybe 2k?
why? simple, they have to pay for hardware before they will sell it…

i am pretty sure there is no bad will within a purism. they try to build devices without taking loans…

about your agressive posts. hell yeah they need to be deleted!!! not because you are showing your frustration, because how you are doing that.
i was thinking i am troll when i was shooting to company for “nasty hotfix” on board…
well my messages had constructive impact and never got deleted.
your don’t have anything constructive.
you wish get your money back ?! sure go to your bank and submit charge back… it takes 10 minutes you will get money within a 14 days.

So stop behaving like f*ing kid, and use your brain.
Instead of playing troll and spamming forum with your frustration, get your money back from bank.


The thing is, many people here seem to expect a daily or weekly update on a situation that may not even be possible to update yet, because Purism doesn’t have any new information at all. It’s the equivalent of “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? When will we get there?” from the kids in the back seat of the car.

They can’t have any new information because everything’s disrupted, they don’t own their suppliers, and their suppliers can only make estimates at the moment anyway, which means Purism can only give estimates, which they have already done.

Besides, every time Purism publishes an estimated timeline, people here latch onto it as if it were a legally-binding contract.

The frustration of not knowing and not having a product you ordered long ago is completely understandable, and if you now have doubts about why you decided to support this important project in the first place, or if your financial situation has changed, then by all means take action to extricate yourselves. But berating and accusing Purism is not the way to go about it.


My understanding was that Purism were going to give monthly updates? At any rate I wouldn’t expect daily or weekly updates, but statements reaffirming that things are still on track would reassure a lot of people.

This fire is going well enough as it is without more being added, but seriously, inferring that their communication is ok is hard to defend.

Yes, except that currently no phones can be shipped until October, so which exactly monthly updates do you expect?

There is a science named “Risk management”. If Purism and you - @amarok are not aware of it go and be familiar with it first and then start to talk (or doing the business). If Purism failed with some parts of his business that is the problem of their management not the customer (or investors). I hope that made it clear to you. No investor will invest to such company with such poor management.