Why Purism is the shittest company ever and why they deleted my previous topic? Please share before it will be deleted

Actually, it is our problem as customers, because if Purism fails and goes out of business, then there isn’t another company that is going to replace its products or pick up its development work.

Although the HP Spectre 360 has a kill switch for the webcam and several Thinkpads have sliding shutters over their webcams, Purism is the only company that makes laptops with comprehensive hardware kill switches (webcam, microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth). Purism maintains the leading 100% free software distro (according to distrowatch.org’s rankings), and is the only company making new laptops that publicly aligns with the goals of the FSF.

Of the roughly 3 dozen Linux hardware companies in the world, there are only 4 that I know of which pay for any software development (Purism, System76, Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google). System76 and Raspberry Pi F. maintain their own distros and they develop FOSS code for their own hardware (like ec and raspi-config), but only Purism and Google are contributing code that isn’t specific to their hardware, such as Linux graphical user interfaces and user applications.

Purism managed to raise $2.05 million in convertible notes over the last 37 days, so clearly there are some investors who see value in the company. (The web page currently lists $4.55M, but it started with $2.5 million, which I presume was the $2.5M that Purism raised in December 2019.)

I assume that investors look at it this way: There’s about 20 companies currently selling Linux laptops (not including Chromebooks), but there are only 6 companies that custom design their Linux laptops (Purism, Dell, Lenovo, Star Labs, PINE64 and OLIMEX). There are only two that maintain their own Linux distros (Purism and System76), only three that offer new laptops with Coreboot preinstalled (Purism, System76 and Star Labs), only two that offer Heads and verifiable boot (Purism and NitroKey), only two that do any software development (Purism and System76), and only one that offers hardware kill switches (Purism) and only two that offer anti-interdiction services (Purism and NitroKey). When looking at the Linux phone market, there are 6 companies selling Linux phones (Purism, PINE64, Hallo Welt Systeme (Volla Phone), F(x)tec, jolla-devices.com and Planet Computers), but 2 of those are installing Linux in existing phones (Hallo Welt Systeme and jolla-devices.com). Only 2 offer only Linux and are fully committed to it (Purism and PINE64), only 2 run on Linux drivers (Purism and PINE64), only 2 are aiming to eventually use a standard Linux kernel (Purism and PINE64) and only 1 does any software development (Purism).

Given the growing demand for user-verifiable security, privacy and Linux devices in general, there is logic to investing in Purism despite its production problems, because it is doing so much more than other Linux companies.


It is not the problem of the customers why Purism fails. It is the problem of their (mis)management Thats all. If Purism fails, it fails. We can do nothing here as a customers. Also the fact they are doing some work on privacy stuff does not make them reliable partner. Do you understand? The first and foremost thing here is the TRUST (and reliability). Purism does not prove itself as a reliable partner.

It seems like you’ve had problems with getting messages deleted. Instead of going to Reddit maybe you could try LibremSocial? Or Mastodon. It would be interesting to see how those work with censoring. Just a suggestion. I understand that you’re frustrated. Luckily I received my L5 before the delivery problems.

If you received your L5 before the delivery problems then you simply can not understand me.

My hope is that the extra funds that Purism recently raised will allow it to refund customers like you who cancelled their orders. However, you should take the time to consider the importance of Purism’s dev work and how we as a community benefit from it.

Purism’s Matt DeVillier has made 477 commits to Coreboot and people who use Coreboot rely on his web page to get the latest firmware for their devices.

Purism was the first company to sell PCs with the Intel Management Engine disabled and the first to sell non-Chromebooks with Coreboot preinstalled and the first to use Heads, and its example pressured the other Linux laptop sellers to start copying it. If Purism hadn’t done it first, I doubt that System76 and Star Labs would be selling Coreboot laptops today, NitroKey would be selling a Heads laptop, and Think Penguin, TUXEDO Computers, System76 and Star Labs would be disabling the Intel Management Engine today.

Purism’s work on libhandy and libadwaita is giving GTK/GNOME software a responsive interface, so it can dynamically adjust to the screen size and better support touch interfaces.

Frankly, the future of mobile Linux depends on Purism. See the FAQ Why did Purism decide to create the new Phosh interface and my blog post on the Strategic Advantages of Phosh for Mobile Linux. There is a reason why 70% of PinePhone users say that they use Phosh and 56% say that Phosh is their favorite interface. Ubuntu Touch doesn’t have enough volunteers to properly maintain it, Sailfish OS will never attract community support due to its proprietary Silica interface, and Plasma Mobile is developing much slower than Phosh and doesn’t have any corporate support.

Having watched LibreBox, ZaReason and Station X recently go out of business and watching Libiquity give up development of ProteanOS and Minifree/RetroFreedom stop selling for most of last year, it is clear to me that it is hard for Linux PC sellers to stay in business.

After watching company after company give up on Linux phones, it is frankly a minor miracle that Purism got the Librem 5 to market. It is much easier to buy a phone from Gigaset and install Ubuntu Touch, which is what Volla Phone is doing, or to buy base laptop models from Clevo and slap in a distro made by someone else, which is what most Linux laptops are. In contrast, Purism is doing custom hardware and custom software development with the L14 and L5 and trying to produce those products in the middle of a global chip shortage.


Whatever you wrote is nice. But what if the company does not respond to my cancelling requests?

Purism’s stated policy is that it refunds orders when it gets to your order in the queue. At this point, Purism should have gotten to your order in the queue, so you have a legitimate complaint, and you should publicize that fact on public forums.

As I said before, I am hopeful that Purism’s recent fund-raising means that Purism will be able to repay cancelled orders for the L14 and L5, so this situation can be resolved. @Benko did eventually get his refund after many months.

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Being hopeful does not solve the actual problem. What me to do in fact? I write emails but got no responces. What to do?

Read my post and it clearly says what I expect. Communication is letting Purism down. As I said, even communicating that things are on track as previously explained to reassure people, I feel, is important.
How hard can it be for the hardcore supporters that will back Purism no matter what, to understand that this void of silence, not to mention dodgy refund policies, is where all of this comes from?

i told you already what to do.
stop whining, call your bank issue “Charge back” for transaction.
it’s simple, you will get your money back within 7-14 days - depend on the bank.
case closed.
posting on forum instead of doing actual move to get money back proves only you are a typical millennial seeking for attention.

What in the hell I need your attention?

well , you are complaining , that you can’t get your money back.
i pointed you 3rd time how to get this money back even if Purism will oppose.
pointed you even link to campaign about Cargeback…
instead using it, you are burning energy to spamming forum with your frustration…
so, what is your goal?!

other than pissing people and proving you are not smart enough to use elemental right that been given to your creadit/debit card issuer

EDIT: lack of answer to your emails will work in your advantage…
trust me i used chargeback in many occasions.

it’s 1 phone call to bank + one email with attached of proof of the order + attached emails about company didn’t fulfill your order, and do not wish to give you your money back.

trick is , for bank seller have to prove is innocent, guilty as charged until prove that order been sent and goods are matching order…

that will work much better than whining on this forum xD

If you are so smart please let me know what is the chargeback limit in days from the day of purchase?

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depends on card issuer: Mastercard/Visa 540 days , Amex other i do not know, but it’s easy to call bank and ask
however you did preorder with date pointed, you should find in archive.org proof that “ships on XXX” date start then, not when you paid. (trick lernt with different preorder i was forced to cancel elsewere.
so i always take screenshot when i do such preorder :wink:

I think you are misinformed it is 120 days not 540

ok i called my bank, and for master card gold i have it’s 540 days, for regular cards is 120 , however call your bank and ask. those regulations can be changed by agreement your bank have with card issuer.

Putting here the link to official Master card chargeback guide --> last date updated 04 May 2021. Please check it and then lets discuss it, OK?

making a flame on forum, reddit, all other possible places will not change single thing.
i know your frustration. like i said earlier, at some point i lost my patience too, and requested order cancellation, got same info as you.
instead of making a storm i decided to wait, and couple weeks later got an email: your order is being processed, now you can confirm your address, or cancel order and get money back.
I chosen L14.
If you learnt from internet that screaming, insulting company will change anything… well you are wrong, no body give shit about what you, me others have to say.

you wish to punish Purism, sure , continue journey with them to get money back, you will get it, i am pretty sure, then go way, and never buy things from them anymore.

I will buy no matter how long they will ask to wait, because i believe in they mission.


i have question. because something does not match.
what was so special in your l14 order?
i ordered mine March 7, 2021, got sipped July 20 2021…
you are saying ordered nov 2020…
isn’t it case when you ordered with 2 ssds? so you are waiting for smaller battery?
in that case you probably missed com, that you can do change of order to single ssd + bigger battery, or you will have to wait when smaller batteries will be supplied because there is a problem with supplier…

i am just curious.

You’re right, this thread is out of control, and the level of conversation is through the bottom. Closing.