Wifi adapter issues?

Hey everyone! I just installed PureOS on my 2019 Acer Helios 300, and I cant see wifi networks by default, Im new to linux so is there any fixes?

here is a wireless info scan: https://pastebin.com/VG2dxfaY

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It is because Pure O. System is not Linux, but Linux-Libre if research here you found the solutions i pretty sure. Linux-Libre is a washed kernel to clean/pure for GNU Operating System.


@carlosgonz is exactly right, and what that ultimately means is the driver for your computer’s WiFi is probably proprietary and therefore not a part of PureOS. You can either find the driver/firmware and install it yourself or switch to something like Ubuntu or Linux Mint.


Welcome here, where people help and actually can help each other gladly! You’ll need those two packages:

By using of sudo dpkg -i after downloading:

In addition, both @knurtsj and you might take advantage of using isenkram-autoinstall-firmware method, as described in this thread/post: Wifi on MacBook.

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