Will i regreat installing PUREOS in a Windows 10, ssd, 32 ram core i5 6600k?

IM new, i use GNEWSENSE in my old 478 socket celeron duan, hd 40 1 gb ram… But there dead forum and Trisquel too much jirrad dudes for me… Also use 15 ubuntu mate machines ia a lab…

That is a pretty subjective thing, but if you are worried make a live cd/USB and just boot into it and give it a spin.

this system is beauty (i dont like the andriod desktop look like, i prefer that kde that looks like windows) n theres a feature that i really like in this sytem that i never found in anyother, but my concern its that some time after use it will bring me headaches like trisquel did and those jirrads dudes not friendlly with noobs… ty

Hey @mateusrm
if you prefer KDE you can install it on PureOS as well, instructions: How to put a icon on the desktop?

ty, now im more comfortable… i was raised in desktop icons n i fell more good now… ty…

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im using pure os for netbanking, in a VM.

In case you didn’t know, there is a gnome extension that takes the status bar and the dock, and puts them into a Windows like taskbar, that can be made to autohide. It transforms Gnome for me and I love it. I think Gnome got a lot of the workspace and short cuts right, so this extension just made Gnome better.

my gpu rx 470 do not support kade plasma, freezes