Will librem 5 include a navigation app?

Can i realistically expect a purism navigation app to be competitive
or nearly as useful as Google’s Waze ?

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Purism is currently not developing a navigation app.
No, there will not be something as useful as Waze right off the bat.
There are free/libre open source navigation apps for android.
There is also Gnome Maps. But its not a navigation app yet (last I checked).

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So out of the box the phone will be for email, messaging and web browsing on WiFi?

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Yes, i would expect kind of that basic functionality. Purisms plan is extremley tight for os development. So it’s not possible to achive tyhat much, but for a project that aims to be a platform for open source projects this is a good aproach as with a minimal working platform the number of dev in the open source community increases drastically after release. So early release with small future set > later realse with bigger futureset but devices later in dev hands. Just my opinion.

Don’t think there is anything competitive to googles enormous amount of data the get from all the users. So i don’t expext to get anything competitive for navigation in a long time. But there is navigation via open street map and there is a gnome gtk desktop app called “Maps”. If i understood purism right they are developing a new gtk widget to make it easy for devs to make their apps responsive to the screen size and therefore adopted to the librem 5. So i expect early “Maps” adaoption and so navigation support on the librem 5 through open street maps .

@blendergeek On my Map app there is at least rout planing. So no turn by turn navigation but it’s a start.

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I would like to see https://www.sygic.com/ on the Librem 5. It could make sense to contact the Sygic guys to check out whether there is a chance that they create an App for the Librem 5 phone.

Sygic quite a good alternative to Waze and it includes traffic data (in a payed plan).

PureMaps seems to run, it has a lot of room for improvement though to say the least but at least we have some kind of navigation.


Found it in this thread: Ask me any app - I will show it

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Not the best video, but proof of concept.

Thanks for sharing that link. Finally, an app which does not use google as source, has live traffic info and is based in Europe. Thumbs up. It’s a bummer that the country in which i live is not supported with live traffic.

Another downside is that it is not open source and on android it relies on play services, so I do not think a port to librem will gonna happen.

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Pure Maps on L5 (QEMU) should be started with “-platform wayland” option, that will start it in full window and all will be visible. The video clearly suffers from Pure Maps window being shifted and wider than screen. For better overview, I suggest to install it on Linux PC using Flathub-distributed version and just resize to the phone dimensions.


I use Pure Maps on Sailfish OS regularly, together with OSM Scout Server to provide offline map capability. According to this post we can all look forward to using them on the Librem 5 too.


OsmAnd is open source on Android.

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