Workaround meta thread

Myself having had to search around the forums and online for workarounds and solutions, I figured it might be a great idea to have a single forum post where people can share workarounds they’ve found for various issues or tweaks. Feel free to share below or link to a reply on a different forum thread that resolved an issue you had. Just add a note before the link saying what it is and what it does.

So far I’ve disabled autosuspend for the modem so I no longer get disconnections (works great so far): echo 'on' | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1.2/power/control

And I just disabled call waiting in the modem so that incoming calls no longer cause the audio to drop in a ongoing call (still waiting to see if this resolves the issue): mmcli -m any --voice-disable-call-waiting

Limit battery voltage while charging (And note about software bug that causes overheating during charging): How to limit battery charge voltage and current - #12 by twiggy


I would vote against that. I always hope with a workaround that it is temporary. So anything along these lines that gets added to the Wiki will eventually be obsolete (and indeed potentially misleading). It is debatable as to whether someone will go back in and retest each workaround and remove it from the Wiki if the related bug has long since been fixed.

However I agree that it should be made easier for error symptoms to be matched with workarounds.


Maybe just start listing and linking topics and comments about existing and future workarounds to this topic as a sort of index, rather than posting them all here in excruciating (and long-winded) detail.

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