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A Purism Site Map for bookmarking:



Librem 5 (USA / Liberty)

Librem One


I always wanted to have this kind of site map. Some of the links listed above are 3 ore more links removed from puri.sm, some are not linked in any official way.
So, as I tried to dig up some source and images, I thought I might as well create a site map for future reference.


(And submit change requests and addtions, it’s of course incomplete :slight_smile: )


Thank you. Small nitpick: This should also be a link: Librem 5.

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this is great! almost should be part of the official website site map under support - especially that Librem One Status link would have been handy…

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I whole-heartedly support what Purism is doing, and I know they’ve had their hands full with a large scale DDoS attack recently, but they probably should just remove that status page. It is not really a status page - it was last updated in May, 2020.

ah or maybe write a script to automate the updates, not sure how difficult that would be? I understand keeping any website up to date is chore by itself, that is why everyone switched to social.

Hm, but does that actually mean what you think it means?
I’d say a static status page doesn’t make any sense.
The purpose would be that it reflects reality.
So, I’d rather add status.puri.sm and status.pureos.net and each mirrors the others, and is of course updated every minute or so.

Yeah, that’s what I want, too.

But there should not be a static status page, and so if the dynamically updated status pages are too much to add at the moment, then it would be better to remove the static status page that can mislead people into thinking outdated information is current.

I was just saying they should remove the page, since it is static. But if they can implement the dynamic pages, that would be best.

I found this accidentally: I was typing the URL to go to Tutanota but then I combined the sub-domain with Purism instead.


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The Core Team page is now deprecated.

That’s a bit sad


I will stack more pages for you to explore:

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