WOW new gnome mobile looks incredible

When are getting this purism? :tired_face:


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IIRC gnome shell doesn’t have calls and sms etc yet. This was shown as prototype.
Also I believe you can install gnome-shell meta package but if you do please find a way to choose phone shell from login manager.

thx for the link.

GNOME Shell and Mutter with the experimental patches applied to the phone shown in your youtube video are available by postmarketOS:

looks like Calls and SMS are supported.

i guess i will try it!

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Let me know when you do?

What? Isn’t this what we have now? Nothing really new or interesting int hat video.

No this is totally different…the app draw is transparent… more app works and swipe styles. Drop down quick setting is different

Oh it is new. That is (maybe-soon-to-be) upstream GNOME. Not only under the hood there are many differences. A few of the visible things include: Live preview for open apps and not only static screenshots or swipe navigation to change between apps.

Deleted previous post because your post made me angry. I am just going to leave it at that I disagree and if it makes people happy, cool.

The look is different maybe not everything

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oh nice if phone functionality is good then it’s worth a try.

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I think I like the new features, but I’m in no rush. Perfectly content to wait for the Gnome team to squash the bugs and for Purism to upstream whatever is needed for the L5.


i’ve installed postmarketOS/Alpine with Gnome Shell on Mobile.
Gnome Mobile does a lot of things better. a few others are better on Phosh.
There are too many differences to list them all here.

Gnome on Mobile, however, feels fresher and more modern.
The docking mode is very buggy e.g. changing screen scaling.

The installation is definitely worth it.
make up your own mind:
(for flashing you need a USB-A to USB-C cable)

may both (phosh&gnome mobile) efforts can be joined?


Is it as fast/snappy as Phosh? In my imagination a fully featured GNOME could be heavier and therefore a bit slower on the Librem 5. :thinking:

I’ve been using gnome mobile on pinephone since this thread started.
and I’ve another thread open in case someone knows how to run multiple DEs on phone.
(I’m ignoring sluggishness of pinephone, this happens for phosh as well)
Basically recent updates to gnome mobile made it very good to use (interface and lock screen integration), it is at the point where it can be run on phone (with data and call connectivity) but I am waiting to see if I can run multi DE.

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How did you flash it. Can I do it with jumpdrive like the pinephone

there are two different options to get it on the phone.

  1. download an image ( and put it on sd card and boot from it.
    L5 Phone Dual boot
  2. build your own image (the two links in my previous post) on your pc and
    a) put it on sd card (and boot from it)
    b) flash it directly to the phone

i did 2b)
haven’t done the other installation methods but i can try to support you, if you want?

building the image on your own has the advantage that you can build most recent images with

  • phosh
  • gnome on mobile
  • plasma
  • etc.

next I’ll try plasma.

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Thank you. I need to get a linux laptop first I’m debating between librem14 or system76

On Librem5 I haven’t notice any difference. both, posh & gnome mobile are not as fluent as andriod and iphone.

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gnome on mobile uses gdm where phosh not.
in theory one could add another desktop like plasma or kodi-standalone to postmarketOS/gnome mobile.
i think pruism should transit to gdm giving the users the most freedom. more will happen!

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You should definitely post some video or screenshots here