Xfce desktop environment Questions for Librem 5 (USA)'s PureOS operating system software

Hello everybody,

I know this topic might be redundant and callous, but I need as much feedback as possible even though I am gathering information as a survey or some other research method of that nature.

I have tested Xfce desktop environment of PureOS, and I have to say that it works out fine enough for a desktop computer. However, I am under the process in ordering a Librem phone. Considering that interface navigation is primarily touchscreen (although one can use the usb ported keyboard option just like Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit hardware [as an example, it’s not the best machine; no, this machine is not freedom software/hardware so you probably couldn’t replace the default OS despite usb OS installation possibilities]), I assume that the resolution will be too large for the phone’s screen to encompass its perimeter.

If I did install Xfce DE on Librem 5 (USA) phone (with PureOS OS), will it be still manageable with touchscreen dragging around the interface just to activate some programs? I know that there is a modified GNOME DE for PureOS of Librem 5 (USA). It seems to handle very differently from its desktop counterpart in interface navigation. Now, the default DE is Phosh, which is probably like GNOME, but more mobile device friendly/compatible. Still, I like the Xfce DE because it is said to be lightweight and customized according to the user’s (personal or professional) preference. Yeah, I don’t personally agree with the DE of phone devices in general, but I understand of the size limitation for many case scenarios. Phone devices with Linux as OS may be different and a change in pace to the right direction. I might consider using some data cable for temporary remote control of the phone’s OS (given that the Xfce DE stretches beyond the phone’s screen and I might have gotten tired of the drags and zooms of the touchscreen).

I probably got more questions later on while thinking or people here got questions to post in this topic.

I am not sure if it is me, but the Librem 5 repository does not support the XFCE desktop environment interface. I really hope it does.

Otherwise, I may attempt a OS reinstallation with a USB device. The screen display may not work out in the end, but I suppose with the proper monitor cables, I can view the phone’s GUI.