Zanata translation server is down

Just an idea: Seems that Weblate is open and available for self host: how about Purism’s own translation server? Although, I’d like to have somewhere, that allows me to participate in other projects as well, it would give control over it. (edit: could be other service as well)

@JR-Fi Are you the Finnish translator? Do you happen to have a backup of the translated po file? The ones in phosh’s repo looks like ones from v0.0.1 and there’s quite some addition for v0.0.2

Nope, just another enthusiast. I did all my translation with the online tool, so no copies.

There is an issue on GitLab tracking the conversation to move to something else like Weblate either hosted by Weblate or self-hosted:

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@xmrscott thanks for the info. Meanwhile Z is still down.
I’m curious if anyone has called Red Hat and asked if they forgot they had it and would they mind getting it up for one more day…

Zanata is up again. For now…
(edit: never mind, you saw it too)

Just looked at Zanata (or what was restored) and I’m working on my hazy memory here, but @marty1885 did Chatty lose all Chinese translations (maybe some other languages too)? Seems awfully specific…

I’m not sure, I never had a look over at Chatty’s page. But the restored version looks very very old.

There is more trouble ahead:

Suggestion: Set up Purism-run translation server for L5 and other Librem specific projects (or what ever policy seems sensible). I vote using Weblate ( as that can be set up on own server (not cloud), is open, free (“copyleft”), documented and updated. Own server, instead of service or cloud, is also a security feature: translations can be attacked (changed or deleted… or there can be a semantics debate that gets out of hand), which is a special problem in those regions that have challenges already due to small size an/or pressure politics. Also, everything could be manageable on the community and workflow side as well (privacy, communications, statistics, secure connections etc.).

(edit: adding a “heads up” to @david.boddie)
(edit: alternative is to use a similar site, like Weblate or Transifex - preferably all apps in one place)

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Also vote for Weblate ASAP. Monero community runs our own Weblate instance which was courtesy of ErCiccione putting in a good amount of effort. So should Purism want to go the self hosting route and want help, ErCiccione would probably be a good privacy-loving contact.

@david.boddie @joao.azevedo I’m bumping this, as it has a clock on it (March 3rd) and I’m not sure it’s been noticed or on anyones todo-list:

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Just to comment a bit on hosted weblate (vs SaaS) - while you can of course do it the benefit is really questionable. Ultimately translations are stored in the GIT. Weblate is a tool to contribute to translations (crowd-source) but once you’ve accepted translation you’re simply commiting it to the git repo. If you later drop the project and recreate it anew from .po files - you’ll still get your translations and status/progress, what you lose is only discussion (eg if someone argues re correctness of the translation).
Otherwise I’m all for it, i;m using weblate myself (as SaaS).

I’ll talk to the admins about doing something with Weblate.


Any update on this?

I looked into self-hosting Weblate but ran out of time to work on it, so it’s back on my to-do list. @xmrscott was providing useful information about this based on Monero’s experiences with it.

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Surprise: server is unreachable again (probably a few days now) [edit: is back up a gain - for now]. How’s the Weblate coming along?

@david.boddie I’ve kept an eye on the “Zanata’s future” ticket but it’s not clear what is happening - if and when. Could you maybe outline a bit, for everyones benefit, what are the problems/challenges and what you are thinking of doing and even maybe ballpark the timeline? It seems, it’s not just a change of platform that’s needed…

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Since I posted an issue comment two weeks ago I talked with the other Librem 5 team members about the issue and started a discussion about what should be done. I outlined all the potential options, but there wasn’t a consensus about what to do.

It was suggested that project already using the public Zanata server (Phosh and Chats) could continue using it, whereas other projects (Calls) could start using GNOME’s translation infrastructure (see this issue) as that project may well end up upstream in its entirety.

I think existing projects could be switched to the GNOME infrastructure and translated there – it just needs someone from those projects to take the lead. There are issues with downstream forks, but I think they could be dealt with later. Migration doesn’t have to be done all at once.

Nobody is driving this effort forward at the moment. I was only involved because thing kind of thing has traditionally fallen to the person doing the documentation.


That happens. If no one is responsible for it, and it falls - does it make a sound… etc. :wink: This needs resources too and it would be nice to know what’s the plan in short and long run.

I didn’t consider this earlier, but yes, the documentations for apps need translation as well. All that needs to be translated would normally be listed and prioritized. Seems, Purism hasn’t had to deal with this aspect before, considering global audience.

The upstream/downstream is a new animal to me, in this. From managing perspective probably painful to have several platforms but for volunteers too (remembering that many or most are L5 centred). Its a hassle to use several tools/platforms/sites for translations and will probably limit the help for this. This is one area, where some kind of community(involvement & translation project) coordinator might be helpful (if you can pass on the hint).

If nothing is going to happen now, might I suggest making some kind of announcement if we are to use Zanata for the time being (or not, if those files are depricated or not updated/backed up anymore) and what and when to expect something? And, when was the last time there was a blog post about behind the scenes of documentation and all that’s related…? :slight_smile:

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