Alternative (international) keycaps

It’s great to hear that the german keyboard layout is now being offered, but that’s only a small part of the international audience. As a compromise between offering every international layout, which is understandably difficult due to order volumes, and not offering any solution how about offering sets of keycaps? This would allow you to indirectly cover most layouts at a lower initial cost for yourselves.

Alternatively, is there some other way to get alternative keycaps that fit, through a different vendor? I’ve looked around briefly but most sites that sell replacement keys require you to enter information about the device, leading me to think there is no standard and it would be hard to find keys that fit.

Judging by this thread replacing the keys, although not entirely trivial, is something most people should be able to do themselves.

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This indeed looks like a good short-term alternative. :ok_hand:

This has been suggested in various other keyboard threads before. Maybe they’ll do it one day, maybe it’s complicated (logistics), maybe they think it stains the high quality of the brand.

Anyway, you can – and probably should – still add your voice in the poll thread:

I assume Purism (because they seem to act quite reasonable) will look closely how the numerous requests for German layouts will translate into sales and then decide which other layouts can be added. I guess there is a good chance for French in the next batch.